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About xenon lamp life and the afterlife
 About xenon lamp life and the afterlife ! After reading you will change? ( Original ) everything about xenon lights , watching you want to install it? ( Original ) First, what is the xenon lamp ? I remember the word , rather than read xian shan, a lot of people read into shan, I sweat Xenon is an inert gas . We must first know the light inside the car , and are based on many years of halogen lamps , the filament is there , this lamp for many years. With the development of light source technology , disadvantages also appeared to halogen , mainly in: light efficiency is low, heat powerful, easy to blow the filament , work current, color temperature ( simply understood as the light color ) can not be adjusted and so on . The lighting inside the birth of a new light source , high- intensity discharge lamps (HID) HID fact that high-intensity gas discharge lamp short , this is no filament light sources , by the arc light, like lightning , like , so amazing efficiency, due to the no filament , amazing life , due to the adjustable light chemical elements inside the material , so you can control the color temperature of the lamp , ( only now 6000K, 8000K streets blue headlights ) . This light is a big step forward for the lighting is because of its high efficiency. But in fact, it also has many disadvantages. For example, the trigger requires very high ignition voltage , it would pose a security risk , because it is a gas discharge lamp having a negative resistance characteristics , they need support in order to work, and so limiting ballast xenon bulb has , because of its negative resistance characteristics and start-up characteristics , it must complete ballast , the ballast in the car at the Men call it , in fact, is the ballast , its role is to generate a trigger ignition voltage , point lights to light the appropriate operating current. Although it looks very simple function , but due to the characteristics of the lamp , the ballast circuit principle is very complicated , to do a good ballast, very difficult ! ! Upstairs ready to install Hella ballast friend, I can tell you is responsible , Hella only for original equipment , the market for all of HELLA 's name , basically fake , HELLA ballast is very complex, I tomorrow , when the original HELLA ballast photos made ​​up to look at the early , around 2003 , when the xenon lamp in the country is very small, the market is only OSRAM PHILIPS other big brands , the price is very expensive , then the price should be in the 5000 - 10000 or so. Many PRD manufacturers see opportunities there , began to get involved in this industry , that's when I began to engage in , I work electronics R & D engineers , the company then removed the three original ballast to the Audi above analysis we have developed , that the white copy its circuit , but you know, this circuit is not generally complicated , we removed the three original German production car Audi ballast , and only then the principle of drawing out, and then we put it to cloned , after all, the boss wants is speed, the faster to do it , the more money. When we quantities , that is really making money , you know that time is less than the cost of a set of 1000 , the factory is about 3000 , and was really making is that I rely on one or two colleagues was visionary in the familiar after the product immediately went out to borrow money , alas , now people are already living in the main house to open a luxury car , there would only buy FRV like Hai still go back to the xenon lamp . I also have a car , but I do not install a xenon lamp , and why ? Let me talk about the circumstances that may arise accord : the domestic current level of technology , it is difficult to ensure that after you put something , do not damage your car 's electrical , first trip computer, xenon lamp ignition at the moment , ballast produce more than 20,000 volts of high voltage , the lamp breakdown , and in an instant the pressure to produce , you may first upset the trip computer , which is particularly severe electromagnetic interference moment , some cars will be very sensitive , and some repair very troublesome. There are many installation time, not standardized , you know there is a lamp ballast output to 23KV high voltage , high voltage output of ballast manufacturers to reduce costs, the quality of the line is getting worse , if someday , even line just broke a big hole needle more than 20,000 V high voltage discharge through the body , I think we should be able to imagine what the outcome . And this is just the problem of high voltage trigger , but also a lot of back problems and then went on to say tomorrow , tomorrow the picture, for everyone to see serious really good ballast systems abroad and domestic market situation is now chaotic high-pressure problems I encountered , have a client installed a set of xenon lights , installed already dark, driving home , on the road , hit a few distance lights , the car suddenly stalled , however could not beat , and had the trailer , and later said that the trip computer data all upset , maintenance spent thousands , of course, continue to be the case yesterday Men topic: Speaking yesterday on the impact of the high-pressure xenon lamp ballast circuit to start the car , in fact, is only a part of the high-pressure effect . We continue to talk about features xenon lamp , because it belongs to a high-pressure gas discharge lamp , is the use of high-pressure gas discharge breakdown after arcing luminous, all lit in front of a high voltage must pay attention , because HID lights characteristics , lit the lamp breakdown started emitting state came into the stable , normal HID lamps require at least one minute , and as the special purpose vehicle , must be allowed to reach a steady light emitting state within three seconds , which means that the light just lit up , three seconds inside the lamp to the maximum lumen output. ( Total driving a car at night is impossible , turn on the light for a long time before lights come on ) how can the lights lit up quickly ? At this time needed ballast to the lamp a large current is more than three times normal , if you really want to achieve three seconds of requirements, such as Hella HELLA , it's starting current reaches 11A, measured in 2.8 seconds HELLA so will be able to let light into the maximum lumens state. To know the lights , but two eyes , ( two lamps two ballast ) , you can imagine how much start when the current exceeds 20A, so on this point , Europe is not permitted without modification xenon lamp must be original , such as Audi , BWM, BENZ, when the original design has taken into account the high current, high voltage and other factors, so the original car circuit has done a lot of the above considerations, the stability of such matched with qualified system can guarantee the stability of the normal work of the lighting system . So, if you buy the claim that the domestic market is Germany HELLA Hella , Bosch , DENSO , etc. ballast xenon lamps, pay attention, 100% fake , because these manufacturers do not launch products for the conversion market , they just automobile manufacturers, such as Toyota and other manufacturers due Audi BWMBENZ xenon high current startup problems , I met a lot of the time we launched the ballast system , customer complaints has been repeatedly burned the fuse , but also caused some electrical equipment on board damaged . Because most of the cars are designed in accordance with conventional halogen lamps , after modification, the circuit can not withstand high current , causing excessive current , often burning fuse, even fire and so on. So after these issues back to the manufacturer , the beginning or the filter manufacturer is giving way to the relay , so reluctantly started to avoid interference and high-current fuse burning question , but it is a palliative approach. So then I adjusted the parameters of the ballast , do not use it so much current to start the lamp . It's easy for the circuits, and the circuit is also a lot easier, because the first time the impact of high current startup circuit is also very powerful, but with the coming of the problem comes , after starting current , lamp is not lit lit up quickly , but slowly lit up , which also affected the lighting effect, ( the evening lights , lights seemed like boring , probably five seconds to full brightness up ) . But in order to reduce the impact on the car , reducing electrical burn burn insurance complaints , then until now , the domestic manufacturers have done so. Starting from the earliest 10A current drops about now 5A, even lower . In fact , such as a xenon lamp , itself is not a qualified product . Impact of lighting effects , especially at night , even just getting light can wait a few seconds , but if it is , when the car will hit the distance light when this time will affect more. HID since listing can say is mixed, it 's ultra- light capability significantly reduces the risk of driving at night , but not well-designed products , but also for the formation of the car has always been a great threat to the color temperature of recession , the failure rate high , life is not long , the complaints are common on the Web , and we will tell you where the real reason for these shortcomings . Glare serious problems are actually the fault of the manufacturer . A bunch of people on the network in the discussion of the lane they are completely invisible HID illuminate the road ahead ! In fact, I had a similar experience, but why the original configuration of HID lamps is no problem ? Original HID lamps will not only not glare , even lighting range , brightness also be clever than many commercially available HID , HID lamps which in addition to the general body of halogen with different designs , the most important reason is that the vast most HID manufacturers did not prepare the product quality work . HID and halogen bulbs "light type " is different , which we should have heard , because tungsten halogen bulbs are burning to produce light, and is based on HID arc tripped burning " iodide " to light. The coil former is designed to form a straight tungsten wire, while the latter presents a curved arc of the state ( light emission will be more highly 0.5mm), and color temperature uniformity of light emitted by different, tungsten issued combustion all light yellow light is about 3000K , the light of the HID lamp is above the high color temperature of white light through the bottom because more halogen gas must therefore also showing excellent low temperature yellow . Although both types of light is different, but if the lamp axis positioned correctly , the degree of glare produced by HID conversion will still be within the acceptable range . Provided that the optical axis of the lamp fixture to be precisely on the light emitting center. The higher the color temperature , the better is utter nonsense First, the high color temperature HID lamp life is relatively short , 4300K ​​lamp life of 3200 hours , 5100K and 6000K lamp is about 2000 hours , but up to 10000K color temperature lamp , has found no life data ( because the lamp manufacturer does not provide ) , but according to previous data to estimate its lifetime should be only 1/ 2 standard products ( because of high internal pressure 10000K bulb ) . In general halogen bulbs , for example, its illumination is about 1450Lm ( lumens ), 4300K ​​Bulb 3200Lm, 5100K bulbs 2700Lm, 6000k bulbs about 2500Lm, but 10000K bulb illumination is almost its only about 2000Lm, than full 4300K ​​bulbs less than 40 % as much ! In addition to bright enough outside penetration is a problem. Human eye visible wavelength of about 380nm ( violet ) ~ 770nm ( red ), while the shorter wavelength light of its penetration worse , more difficult to penetrate the water vapor or mist , but prone to the phenomenon of refraction ! Past " Xenon bulbs " will appear in the rainy night " did not seem to have the lights turn on the lights ," the situation is for this reason , because the water surface to the light are refracted out. Replace the higher the color temperature HID, lighting capability Rainy Day is worse ! So, if double- B and other manufacturers , they still insist on using 4300K ​​( or 5100K, it has with the United States through the European E Mark SAE certification ) HID bulb , to accommodate a variety of different lighting environments ( such as snow , rain , etc. ) , the reason is so. Some people are buying different HID constant current and constant power life of the bulb does not light often appear , ballast burned condition , except possibly beyond poor product quality control reasons, the most likely factor is that the ballast design concept completely wrong ! Currently , there are two ballast design concept , namely, constant current and constant power , which is designed to provide the correct HID long life . A new HID bulbs, distance between the electrodes is 4.2mm, to generate electrical arc to jump between the two electrodes ( called an arc school frame ), you have to be at both ends of the electrode voltage 23000V ( after working voltage lighting drop to 85 ± 17V), with the increase of the lighting frequency, time , the distance between the two electrodes will be far more , but to maintain the operating voltage of the arc jump power , also slowly increased from 85V to 102V. Working voltage level is not decided within the bulb color temperature factors , in addition to the factors affecting the color temperature of the metal halide lamps in different fillings , glass balls filled pressure ( the higher the color temperature , pressure greater ) factors also affect the color temperature one . Constant current driver will continue to supply a steady current, but with the increase HID pipe pressure , the overall output power ( P = VI formula based on known ) will gradually increase from 35W to 40W rated or even 45W! Additional power ranging from lead bulb holder meltdown , bulb or ballast weight will burn ! The constant power output of the ballast taken there will be no such worries , with the arithmetic circuit riser pressure will decrease the size of the output current , so that the power consumption of the entire system has been maintained at 35W size. By Philips , Hella and Technology produced Chun system Maxtel brand HID, were given the power to use the design. HID, halogen headlight reflectors with different design , there are two , one is the MR surface, one is the physical wire surface. The former takes the shape of a diamond -shaped reflector , the use of each piece different angles , the light reflected to the ground, re- lighting after another broad area . The matter will be sent to all curved lines parallel light rays shell , re-use pattern of the lamp envelope reaches song shoot light, the purpose of the average illumination. Because of the higher points HID light bulbs ( halogen bulbs higher than 0.5mm), and therefore ( light type ) with a halogen bulb is different, whether it is a diamond surface or light shell pattern must be redesigned, but as long as the tube axis positioning quasi enough, beam headlight glare can still scattering phenomena fall within the acceptable range Remember: the higher the color temperature , the better is utter nonsense ! ! Color : simply means that the color of light , such as halogen glow is yellow , and fluorescent light is white. The higher the temperature , the more the color white , but the light still one of the most important parameters , color, halogen To date , all of the color of the light source inside the highest ! ! Because of the adjustable color temperature HID , so many people like to install a high color temperature white light, and even Blu-ray ! ! This is largely to satisfy personal vanity , regardless of the feelings of others ! ! Because the color temperature is too high, plus installed in an ordinary car modification , resulting in poor optical performance , often resulting in the night can not see the car coming from the opposite pavement , many people still triumphant ! ! This is not respect themselves and others ! ! Very easily lead to accidents ! Especially domestic modified when the majority of people are filled with high beam , so it is dangerous ! For example, in the Audi above , although it has also xenon lamp , but the color temperature of around 4000kZ, while mounted on the beam lights on , and because the optical circuit design properly, not dazzling . Original car xenon lamp color temperature of 4000K or less in
Said, look, give everyone watching a slim xenon lamp ballast PCB circuit board diagram
As can be seen from the figure , this is not a very simple stuff this is the most common internal ballast circuit , single component costs about 50 yuan , 80 yuan factory , the market is generally 300-400 yuan a kind It can be seen ,
Circuit input section without any anti-jamming measures , the whole anti-interference ability is poor, but at present, the largest shipments of this product is , the majority of TX who buy most of this stuff. In fact, as long as the circuit cost $ 50. Have also forgot to say that due to the use in the car , in fact ballast requirements are very high , mainly to waterproof and vibration , so basically all of the ballast are filling plastic handle , because silicone is expensive, many profiteers as this changed gum formulations , even to glue Lijia Sha son ! ! ! Garbage businessman , this is not the views of engineers , coupled with chip technology gap , resulting in many products after loading , poor solder joints formed after the shock returns
Load lighting , note bulbs have two leads, even if it is only two lines large needle hole , you just wait for 23 kV voltage go into your car , and now the profiteers incredible, increasingly the power lines, now bigger and rotten, useless long to crack up ! Here we look at a small Japanese xenon lamp ballast , although we have been hostile to the little Japanese , but others strengths true that we can learn to see things other people do attitude product : Why small Japanese breads are delicious ? Because it is hard to do out of the bread
Mitsubishi , Toyota's original car above the original look of domestic car Toyota original car now, the domestic industry is very confusing xenon lamp , had no national standards , and many places are not allowed to modify the provisions of xenon lamp , so that makes this product is no one regulatory state. Fellow students to see if the name HELLA TOYOTA DENSO BOSCH etc. xenon lamp , you had better pay attention, the likelihood is fake, huh ,

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