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Benefits of xenon lamp

 Benefits of xenon lamp
Gas lamp brightness is more than three times that of ordinary light bulbs , but the power consumption is only half of the ordinary ; its outstanding advantages
Role is as follows :
● Xenon lamp color temperature of 3000K to clump 12000K, 6000K color temperature and sunlight which are similar , but compared with
More green and blue component , thus rendering blue shade. This greatly improves the blue shade road signs and instructions
Brand brightness.
● HID halogen lamp three times higher brightness efficiency , to enhance the clarity of the night and fog driving a clear line of sight
● xenon lamp luminous flux emitted by the halogen lamp is 2 times more , while the efficiency of electrical energy into light than halogen
Increased by more than 70% of the light elements , so Xenon lamps have a relatively high energy density and light intensity , while the operating current of only
Halogen half. Brightness of car headlights to improve visual range also effectively expand the car in front , thus creating a more
Safe driving conditions.
● Power 1 / 2 , halogen lamps consume electricity, just 35W xenon lamp power 60W or more.
● Because xenon lamp has no filament , filament and therefore would not have broken scrapped due to problems life than halogen
Su much longer lamp , xenon lamp , representing the entire life cycle of the average running time inside the car .
● Xenon lights extinguished the event of failure will not be instantaneous , but by way of gradual darkening extinguished ( or quick
Lit ) , so that drivers can win in the night time driving, emergency pull over .
● xenon headlights will not produce unwanted glare, will not interfere with the driver of an oncoming vehicle .
HID xenon headlamps , also known as gas-discharge headlights, it is wrapped in a high-pressure xenon gas inside the quartz tube instead of the traditional
Tungsten wire , higher color temperature, lighting and more aggregated . Since xenon lamp is the use of high-voltage current to activate the formation of xenon
Bunch arc , sustainable discharge light between two electrodes. Ordinary car lamp power of 65 watts, and xenon
Only 35 watts of light , reducing nearly doubled . Xenon lamps can significantly reduce the burden of vehicle electrical system . Xenon car lights
Color temperature between 4000K-6000K, much higher than ordinary car headlight bulbs. It is high brightness , 4300K ​​Xenon
Light yellowish white light color , the color temperature is low , the visual effect yellow, light penetration in a high color temperature light,
Can improve nighttime and foggy weather driving safety.

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