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Xenon conversion process
 Xenon conversion process
Only change a light bulb xenon lamp products contain four parts : Ballast these two things are the size of a cigarette tin box
Son, fixed to the car on the line, bulbs, wires. Do not modify the line , as long as the original bulb on the receiving line ,
Linked to the boost from it. Very simple.
Xenon models table:
Model comparison table is only for reference , please check the model further purchase .
Vehicles Car / Year Remarks approach lights far light fog lights
Audi Audi A4 1.8T H1 H7 Changchun need to add special resistance wire
Audi A6 1.8T H7 H7 H7 special metal stand
Audi AUDIA4 D2S/H1 H7
Audi AUDIA6 D2S/H1 H7
Audi AUDIA8 D2S 9005
Audi 90 H4 H4
Audi S6 9006 9005
Audi A6L 2.0T H7 H7 Low Beam Conversion need to increase the fuse
Audi TT H7 H7
Audi 100 cars H4 H4 H3
Audi 800 /100 cars 90049004
BMW BMW BMW3 Senes 9006 9005 H1 06 years ago, BMW fault lights plus special resistance
Line resolve ; shall be added after the special decoder 2006 .
BMW BMW5 / 7 Senes D26 9005
BMW BMW X5 H7 H1 H11
BMW X5 4.8 H1 9005
BMW 525i H7 9005
BMW 320i H7 H7
BMW 740 9006 H7
BMW 3231/3281with compsite H7 H7
BMW 3231/3281with HID H7
318is H1 H7
BMW 3 Series (E36) H7 H1
BMW 5 series w / composite H7 9005
BMW 5series w / HID 9005
BMW 5 Series 90069005
BMW 7series w / composite H1 H7
BMW 7series w / HID HID H7
BMW 7series w / composite H1 9005
BMW 7series w / HID HID 9005
BMW 8 Series 90069005
BMW Z3 9006 9005
Vehicles Car / Year Remarks approach lights far light fog lights
Buick Buick BUICKGL8 H4 H4
Buick dynasty / Century H1 H7
Buick Regal H7 H1 H1
Buick Blue Dragon H4 H4
Buick Sail H4 H4
Buick G18 Business in H4 H4
Buick Excelle H7 H1 H3
Rendezvous 9006 9005
Riviera 9006 9005
park Avenue 9006 9005
LeSabre 9006 9005
Skylark 9004 9004
Buick Royaum D2S H11
Buick Excelle H4 H4
Le recruits H4 H4
Lova H4 H4
Sail ( Chevrolet ) H4 H4 H3
Epica ( Chevrolet ) H7 H1 H3

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