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HID Xenon Installation Guide

 HID Xenon Installation Guide
Graphic installation steps (see comparison picture view)
①. Before conversion car headlight power off, until the lamp has cooled remove the original car's power outlet bulb
②. Fixed Loosen the clamp and remove the halogen bulb, the same model accidentally swapped HID bulbs (usually H1, H4, H7, 9005,9006 see all models with light table), the lamp fixture fixed, HID bulbs and power lines stretched outside the headlight assembly.
③. Would HID lamp ballast fixed position near the headlight assembly for easy wiring (wiring convenient, well-ventilated, avoid close to the engine, radiator and other objects), each ballast requires at least two screws.
④. Before-wiring power lines, the power lines of yin and yang, head into the locked position AMP dedicated connector to prevent high pressure fittings water. Then pick the low-pressure line (DC 12V), red wire headlight power outlet positive, black line (blue line) connected to a power outlet headlights negative, then no less than four of each heat tape wrapped joints and nylon Zhasi (HID light box with 6) to secure the line to avoid friction and the surrounding metal.
⑤. All after installation, clean up the installation site, check the height of the light through the lights experiment, adjusted to the proper position lights.
Attachment: five steps to install the law:
Five step conversion xenon lamp
    Generally modified a car xenon lamp time as long as an hour. Process is not too complicated, a simple modification xenon lamp as follows:
    One, first select the xenon lamp models, the original headlight bulbs removed intact.
    Second, install fixed xenon lamp bulb.
    Third, find a place to put a fixed xenon lamp ballasts, pay attention to the heat, to ensure that the temperature is not too high.
    Fourth, the power supply and lighting ballast power connector, and an output line ballast xenon lamp bulb MP interfaces are connected.
    Fifth, adjust the focus xenon lamp.
    Modified xenon lamp has three considerations:
    First, you want to choose a professional automotive service shop, so as to ensure that the conversion process professional operation will not affect the lamp life.
    Second, many owners on a deep understanding of the xenon lamp, the owners according to their economic capacity to choose.
    Third, before deciding to buy Xenon headlights of the vehicle to confirm their model, each brand has a different model, be aware of the major car



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