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HID xenon lamp detailed analysis

 HID xenon lamp detailed analysis

Xenon HID is High intensity Discharge HID abbreviation, can be called heavy metal lamps or Xenon lamps. Its principle is anti-ultraviolet radiation in the UV-cut crystal quartz glass tube, filled with a variety of chemical gases, a majority of whom, such as Xenon (Xenon) with iodide and an inert gas, and then through the supercharger (Ballast) the car 12 volt DC voltage instantaneously pressurized to 23,000 volts of electricity through high voltage amplitude excitation of xenon gas inside the quartz tube electronics free, light between two electrodes, which is called the gas discharge. The super-white light from the xenon arc generated, can improve the light color temperature value, similar to the daytime sun light, HID work required amount of current is only 3.5A, the brightness is three times the traditional halogen bulbs, service life than conventional halogen bulb 10 times longer. HID xenon lamp HID Xenon lights generally composed by the lamp, electronic ballast (also called ballast, regulators, etc.), wire and other components: 1 Base: You observe carefully, HID xenon lamp there is no filament, tungsten blown problem does not exist; 2 electronic ballasts: the use of a DC voltage of 12V battery, after a series of conversion, control, protection, post-boost, frequency and other actions, resulting in an instant 23000V ignition high voltage ignition of the lamp to light after the maintenance of the AC voltage 85V; 3 line groups: general use made of flame-retardant materials, by increasing the cross-sectional area of ​​the power cord to improve the current through the ability to ensure that the HID xenon work lamp. ● Xenon lamp color temperature of 3000K to clump 12000K, 6000K color temperature which is similar to sunlight, but with more green and blue component, thus rendering blue shade. This greatly improves the brightness of the blue colored light road signs and signs. ● HID halogen lamp three times higher brightness efficiency, to enhance the clarity of vision at night and fog driving had a significant effect. ● xenon lamp luminous flux emitted by the halogen lamp is 2 times more, while the electrical energy into light energy efficiency is also improved by more than 70% than the halogen lamps, xenon lamps are therefore relatively high energy density and light intensity, while the operating current of only halogen half of the lamp. Brightness of car headlights to improve visual range also effectively expand the car in front, thus creating a safer driving conditions. ● Power 1/2, halogen lamps consume electricity, just 35W xenon lamp power 60W or more. ● Because xenon lamp has no filament, filament and therefore would not have broken scrapped due to problems much longer life than halogen lamps, xenon lamps, representing the entire life cycle of the average running time inside the car. ● Xenon lights extinguished the event of failure will not be instantaneous, but by way of gradual darkening off, so that motorists can win in the night time driving, emergency pull over. ● xenon headlights will not produce unwanted glare, will not interfere with the driver of an oncoming vehicle. HID xenon headlamps, also known as gas-discharge headlights, it is wrapped in a quartz tube instead of the traditional high-pressure xenon gas tungsten wire, providing higher color temperature, lighting and more gather. Since xenon lamp is the use of high-voltage current to activate the formation of a bunch of xenon arc light emitting sustainable discharge between two electrodes. The power of a normal car bulb 65W, while xenon lamp only 35W, reducing nearly doubled. Xenon lamps can significantly reduce the burden of vehicle electrical system. Xenon car lights color temperature between 4000K-6000K, much higher than ordinary car headlight bulbs. It is high brightness, 4300K ​​Xenon lamp light yellow color is white, because of the lower temperature, the visual effect is yellow, light penetration in the high color temperature lamp, night and fog can increase traffic safety. Troubleshooting HID xenon lamp is not lit exclusion phenomenon exclusion method to check whether the line is not properly connected to the switch is turned to adjust the light bulb condenser installation location or adjust the lights start flashing to sit off to check the connection joints are firmly dash light flashes when Kwan Kai headlamps with aluminum foil Ballast parcel lines and even the installation of a ground fault light has been lit than 35W of JEPSUN McNair letter no sense of resistance (that is, the decoder) in the ballast between positive and negative

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