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Troubleshooting HID xenon lamp is not lit exclusion phenomenon exclusion method to check whether the

 Troubleshooting HID xenon lamp is not lit exclusion phenomenon exclusion method to check whether the line is not properly connected to the switch is turned to adjust the light bulb condenser installation location or adjust the lights start flashing to sit off to check the connection joints are firmly dash light flashes when Kwan Kai headlamps with aluminum foil Ballast parcel lines and even the installation of a ground fault light has been lit than 35W of JEPSUN McNair letter no sense of resistance (that is, the decoder) in the ballast between positive and negative
A common problem: After installing the normal bright light, but the instrument panel warning lights malfunction. Such as: Audi A4 1.8T, 06 BMW, Sagitar beam, Magotan, Octavia, Fox, Volvo beam, Peugeot 206 and so on. Principle: The original car is 50W-60W, xenon lamp is 35W, high-end European and American cars have been a part of computer testing will detect the "power does not match", so red, or not current loop, or start a large radiation interference. Solution 1. Use with the owner (25W) dedicated line group can solve the problem, 25W +35 W, just 60W, with the original car as well, so the computer will detect normal. 2 Replace 50W and 50W bulb ballast, but also solve the problem. 3 with a special decoder circuit. 4. The installation of anti-jamming device. Second, common problems: After installing the circuit due to electromagnetic interference occurs burning car computer version. Such as: the Buick LaCrosse, Buick, Hyundai Sonata Premium, Cool, Grand Cherokee. Principle: the original car with special electronic circuit boards, is very susceptible to interference, it will burn out the circuit board or flashing lights or automatic off. Solution 1. Specific configuration with a dedicated ballast circuit structure solved. 2 or installation of advanced anti-jamming device. Third, the common problems: flash bulbs burst occurs frequently or left out or bright light is not the same phenomenon after installation. Such as: 06 BMW X5, 3251,5201, Mercedes-Benz S350, S500, Land Rover, BMW 3 Series and so on. Solution 1. Check headlight circuit operating current is normal. 2. Install flash explosion and lack of dedicated decoder (has been successfully solved cases). A. B. Hu Ji Ford Skoda Volkswagen Passat C. D. E. Magotan Sagitar 3 View headlight circuit if there through trip computer, if after, the need to add a special decoder can only back to normal. (The company has various models special decoder) four, H4 high and low lights because it is a lamp headlight assembly to fit dozens of different shade will produce different condensing effect, so the installation may be close to the light high beam lights or a little astigmatism, technical difficulties, please grasp this (common telescopic light widespread this phenomenon, swing angle lamp solve such problems phenomenon), more exchanges with the owners. Such as: (1) Bora poor results, it is recommended for assembly or with the manufacturers to change Polaris dedicated low lights. 2 Hyundai Tucson, the base must be the shortest special low lights. 3 old GL8, Mitsubishi Lancer, Pajero, Swift, Blue Jays and other vehicles are present astigmatism, must use special H4 swing angle lamp. Five, 07, 08 Mercedes-Benz S350, BMW 7 Series, the 5 Series is the latest light detection circuitry required to use a dedicated 50W bulb + ballast to strengthen anti-jamming

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