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Xenon conversion process 1, the demolition of the original car bulbs put out a xenon lamp

 Xenon conversion process 1, the demolition of the original car bulbs put out a xenon lamp, ballast firmly in car engines distant places, xenon lamp with a cable back to the original car headlight wiring connector, and then connect stability cable and plugs to control. 2, set about installing car line with the relay, the on-line group is connected to the positive and negative car battery (positive is usually red thread, the negative is usually black thread) can be negative grounding on line group then needs Continued ballast jack plug into the ballast, and then the rest of the line group with a triangle with two small lines or with a jack plug or cable to the line closer to the original car headlight plugs, good with electrical tape to wrap. Installation is relatively simple first step, the second step of the installation is more complex. Precautions HID Xenon conversion: 1, Do not ballast mounted beside the heating element can generally be installed above the bumper to help dissipate heat. 2, do not install the ballast beside some wires, do not install closer to a place away from the water; such as near the tank. (Excessive moisture can cause leakage and aging ballast) 3, placed in a better position permeability to allow air flow to reduce the temperature of the ballast after installation, the general line of the group on the relay, fuse exposed, easy to replace. 4, the high-voltage part of the ballast winding is not easy to avoid too large a magnetic field, and the impact of other automotive electrical equipment. Wiring to the ballast down installation. 5, after the bulb is installed to ensure sealing. 6, when installing a dedicated line set traces the general appearance as much as possible, not connected to the heating element, so as to avoid high temperature caused by electrical short circuit. Use cable ties tied, do not touch the mechanical moving parts, resulting in unnecessary exposure. 7, each interface, fuses, electrical tape strapping good use, in order to avoid loosening cause poor contact. 8, when the lamp is installed, one side will not light, or will flash, adjust the position of the general negative first dedicated line group. 9, the installation H4 H / L, H13 H / L, 9004 H / L, 9007 H / L model lamp, if the light does not shine, not light, and will continue to flash, check the wiring of the positive and negative there is no match, generally two types + + - and - +, a good match will return to normal. 10, sometimes encounter is a positive frame of the car, the Jedi plastic bag To ballast, the ballast will work. 11, after installation, if not installed a dedicated line, in order to avoid excessive current when starting the original car fuse blows, replace the original vehicle control fuses above 20 Abe

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