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Xenon lights installed What are the benefits?

 Xenon lights installed What are the benefits?
The most convincing is its brightness, and it is 2-3 times the brightness of halogen lamps, while the luminous arc xenon lamp with a tungsten halogen lamp as the length of the diameter, but the luminous efficiency and brightness increased nearly three-fold. We used the standard wattage halogen gun is 55 watts, 100 watts and some, but xenon lamp power was 35 watts and now the owners are constantly decorate their car, like a reverse image, GPS, etc. and some require electrical appliances while saving electricity under the car headlights just can in this regard, so that it seems saving benefits of xenon lamp is needed for vehicle owners. then there is its life, the halogen lamp the drawback is that the consumption of tungsten wire, lamp life is hard for a long time, about the life of around 250 hours. Xenon headlights, also known as high-intensity discharge lamps is no filament voltage discharge, because no filament, no brittle breaking the traditional lamp defect, xenon lamp life than ordinary halogen increased nearly 10-fold, some can use up to 2000 - 3000 hours. Xenon lamp is its greatest charm safety, which is caused due to the multiple beam HID lamp and the intensity ratio is much simpler, more effective beam set, the front of the vehicle can be greatly improved lighting to illuminate roadside signs these importance of traffic safety is unquestionable. When an accident occurs, the detection circuit within the ballast can be quickly cut off the high voltage to protect the safety of personnel; high insulation of wires and anti-electromagnetic interference design allows you to sit back and relax xenon biggest benefit is not installed on the original car lines. any cut and dial mouth. simply need to insert the original xenon lamp light holes, fixed ballast, connect the power cable ..

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