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There are many cars on the market today use telescopic H4 HID bulbs

 1 Q. There are many cars on the market today use telescopic H4 HID bulbs, many people reflect the distance light HID xenon lights are not used, is that right? A: Yes, because the distance are the following problems H4 HID xenon headlights xenon lights: one, the distance light are retractable car xenon lights, are generally used motor, hydraulic, pneumatic and magnetic acting, And this HID telescopic pole is easy when you stuck a few months, it becomes a single lamp. Second, telescopic HID lamp base very long, destructive original headlight group is larger, but also more difficult to install, but also appeared lamps water phenomenon. Three, telescopic HID lamps may need to destroy the original factory mask, which can lead to optical like the present entry. Fourth, double HID lamps makes the car more optical greatly increased. As we all know, is based on the original halogen headlight design, light from tungsten halogen light very close proximity, while the dual HID lamps on the market today can not do this. Makes this light beam can not meet the needs of lamps with light, out of the light only rotation, causing fatal injuries to other vehicles, but also affect their safety. In addition, the structure of this kind of bulb it is easy to determine the leakage, ignition, light ballasts will burn, heavy on the people, there is a serious safety hazard car. 2 Q. How do I adjust the light level? A: First, align the front side of the wall stop, a distance of about 10 meters, pay attention not want to have any positive skew, the body must maintain a level of order as accurately as possible, you can draw with chalk marks, note should be in a normal vehicle Load standards that no extra load, the final commissioning: a: the lights turn on, which is projected on the wall of the aperture correction basis. The center of the two lights, the car from the front axle should be equidistant from its projection on the wall, or else be adjusted according to the third step; the right to the ground from the center of the lamp should be equidistant from its projection on the wall, the left light This distance will have higher than its projection 10CM. Second, adjusted to a straight line, move the left headlight to be absolutely direct, whereas the right headlights slightly to the right, because the right you can see very clearly, foggy weather is particularly effective. Third, the cover easy to adjust a headlight, headlight cover one with a thick cloth, so you can change a headlight beam incident on the wall for effective regulation, with two screwdrivers debugging, a adjust the height of the beam, and the other is used to adjust the width of the beam. 3 Q. HID lights installed line group must install it? What are the benefits of retrofitting line group? Answer: Not necessarily all of the cars had to install line group, if enough of the original car's power cord crude would not install line group; contrary necessary to install line group. Double loop and double circuit line group car safety device to protect electrical circuits, connecting terminals to prevent corrosion poor contact occurs, large current capacity of the wire is not connected to the fuse wire can guarantee, allows customers ease of use. 4 Q. H4 (high / low) lights and other lights installed models What's the difference? A: Because the use of only one car lamp H4 headlight lamps. And the original halogen is the distance light is integrated. So they are three-wire power input (ie, a positive share, two separate negative). And my company is using an H4 HID lamp, installed a HID lamps, an ordinary halogen lamps, so the installation should pay attention to ordinary halogen lamps. Ordinary halogen or 12V DC power supply, while HID lamp ballast must complete the final connection HID lamp power lines. Be sure to install the lamp when the power control line distance to distinguish, not to ordinary halogen HID lamps and connected to the same input power. 5 Q. How do I install waterproof hat? Should pay attention to what the problem is? Answer: HID lights flashing installation is divided into two: one is the original lamp power cord in the fixture, such models can be installed without the power cord leads from waterproof hat and playing with the headlight lamps cover reamer hole, the diameter of the reamer is generally 25MM, the operation should be subject to the inner diameter of the waterproof cap. Another is the original power in the lamp lights outside, mostly 9000 series bulbs so, when such models would facilitate installation and more, directly to the power supply and ballast (or line group of signal lines) to connect to, and then the water cap and lighting match phase.

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