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Why should I use instead of AC DC Ballast Ballast

 Why should I use instead of AC DC Ballast Ballast

For people who are familiar with the ballast, ballast DC knows stability, consistency is far less than the exchange of ballast. For those who are not familiar with the ballast, we can look at the lighting industry veteran, "Philips", if the DC is in line with technology trends, it had long been using a direct current technology solutions. AC DC ballast and ballast what is the difference?
Life DC ballast HID xenon lamp is usually relatively short, it is because in the DC case, an electrode is high-speed continuous positive ion bombardment, a long time, it causes a burning electrode erosion. This has resulted in significantly reduced electrode life. With alternating current, high-speed positive ion bombardment even two electrodes, virtually doubling the life of HID xenon lamp. Another advantage is that the temperature of the electrodes when the AC temperature is lower, because the transformation of yin and yang about 400 times per second electrode (anode DC one electrode is always), so that the two electrodes in turn act as heat instead of an anode electrode persistent fever.
Therefore, consumers refrain covet relatively inexpensive DC ballast.


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