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HID xenon bulbs Products

 HID xenon bulbs Products
★ [HID xenon bulbs performance parameters] Power consumption: 35W (the original lamp is 60W, saving 40%) Flux :2500-3500LM (depending on the color temperature of the bulb) normal: More than 3000 hours (equivalent to the traditional halogen lamp 10 times) temperature: -40 ℃ -105 ℃ color temperature: 3000K-30000K; tube voltage: 85V ± 15V; wire material: temperature, high pressure silicone flame retardant cable; cover glass: UV-CAT anti-ultraviolet quartz glass; light way: xenon arc light-emitting gas collide with each other.
★ [HID color temperature and color] headlight bulb color are the "color temperature" to that, so we can see when buying bulbs 4300K, 6000K, 8000K color temperature is a unit, color temperature and color is one to one, as follows (Note: The following color temperature corresponding to the value of the reference value only, specific color, please come to the bulb itself emit colors prevail): 3000K-4300K-gold light beige light yellowish white 5000K-8000K-6000K-white light blue light blue white 10000K-12000K - Blu-15000K-20000K-pink light blue red purple 25000K-30000K-violet light

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