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Ballast integrated within the decoding circuit, it can solve the process of installing xenon lamp pr

 Ballast integrated within the decoding circuit, it can solve the process of installing xenon lamp problems. For example: a fault indicator light, flashing lights and other issues. This product is exported to European countries, most cars, you can directly install, do not add another decoder. 2, the detailed technical parameters: Input voltage range: DC8 ~ 18V; under steady-state output power: 35W; Working temperature: -40 ~ 105 ℃; luminous flux (brightness): 2500 - 3500 lumens (depending on the bulb color temperature, the higher the color temperature its brightness (lumens) lower); lights output power: up to 20% when cold start within 1 second, 4 seconds to reach 80%, about 8 seconds to reach the rated output power; maximum input current cold start: Start current 7.0A, the current stability is 3.5A/12V; hot start current: approximately 6A; instantaneous ignition voltage: 23-25kV; ballast quality Assurance: QA 15 months; anti-electromagnetic interference: Internal integrated decoding circuit; output lights line protection: automatic protection within 1 second; output short circuit protection: automatic protection within 1 second; has a good waterproof, dustproof, anti-vibration function; ignition coil built-in integrated design; with output open circuit, short circuit protection; with input voltage, over-voltage protection function; constant power output design, the bulb wider adaptability, increase lamp life of more than 50%; 3, part of the protection function: Low Voltage Protection: To prevent the bulb will run out of battery power cars . Causing the car does not start, when the car's battery voltage is below 8V, the ballast automatically shut down to stop working. High-voltage protection: When burned in order to prevent excessive voltage equipment of other car owners even find fault and let the vehicle, when the vehicle power supply system and the battery fails, the voltage higher than 18V, the ballast automatically shut down to stop working. Output short circuit, open circuit protection: When an accident or a short circuit, open circuit occurs, immediately cut off the ballast circuit to prevent the risk of electrical shock or detonation of the fuel tank, to ensure safety. Reverse protection: When the power of the "+" "-" polarity reversal, the ballast will not suffer damage, ensure safety ballast

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