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A lens modification / angel eyes headlight assembly / HID

 HID + lens modification principles
A lens modification / angel eyes headlight assembly / HID
In car headlights, the lens cap light is the most standard form, can have a very clear-cut line of light and dark, to solve the problem of astigmatism, in foreign countries, xenon lamp is used as standard lens, this lens optics are a category, we call it "lens." Using a lens-type lamp headlights headlights compared with traditional lamp brightness uniformity, penetration, light loss is small.
Vehicles equipped with a lens cap of two kinds: a single light, double light. Single optical lens design which they were almost light beam corresponding to the lens, such as: optical lens near the M6​​, Mondeo far light lens; outside different bifocal lens is that it can be similarly low beam conversion transformation, usually the last light state, while at the same time open the beam, which mechanism is operated by an electromagnetic gear change optical sheet, so that the light beam is also assigned to the up-beam irradiation, is equal to two light beam together. Bifocal lens is generally used in high-end cars above, such as A6. BMW. Benz.
Second, what is called Angel Eyes:
Angel eye is actually a diaphragm, no practical function, mainly from the decorative appearance and wide action show, red, blue, green, yellow, purple range. Angel Eyes is divided into two kinds, (1) cathode tube material: glass, you need to start, the brightness is very high, (2) LED, materials, plastic light guide, similar to BMW angel eyes; generally are using a modified LED structure , so called angel eyes LED aperture; but sometimes it was the angel eye headlight assembly with a simple call to angel Eyes, or angel eye headlights, angel eye headlight assembly, in fact, is to confuse the concept, right angel eyes the concept should refer to angel eye rings.
Third, what is called angel eyes headlight assembly:
Headlight assembly angel eye headlight assembly, in fact, with angel eyes LED aperture, some with and some without lens lens, some with a single optical lens (mostly near light lens), some with bifocal lens ;
Fourth, what is HID xenon lamp:
Xenon lamps contain a xenon headlights and new, also known as high-intensity gas-discharge lamp, the abbreviation HID Intensity Discharge Lamp.. Xenon broke Edison's tungsten light principle, filling high-pressure inert gas in a quartz tube - Xenon Xenon replace the traditional filament, the two electrodes of mercury and carbon compounds, high pressure through ballast to 23,000 volts current stimulus xenon light, forming a perfect white arc between two poles, the light emitted close to perfect perfect sunlight.
Automotive HID xenon lamp with traditional halogen different, this is a high-pressure discharge lamp emitting principle is to use positive and negative electrical stimulation and chemical reactions rare xenon light, so there is a tiny glass ball inside the tube, which is filled with xenon gas and a little rare, as long as they are current to stimulate a chemical reaction, both will send up to 4000K-12000K color temperature of light. It uses a special ballast, the use of electric cars pond 2V voltage over 23000V generated trigger voltage to start the lamp. Start 0.8 seconds is 20% of the nominal luminance brightness, the brightness of the halogen lamp to reach, and to the headlights 4 seconds more than 80% less than the nominal brightness. After the lamp to lamp ballasts provide a stable supply voltage of about 80V constant power to keep the lights running.
Xenon (HID) performance advantages:
     1, high brightness: normal 55W halogen lamp can only produce 1000 lumens of light, while the 35W xenon lamp produces 3200 lumens of light, brightness of 300%, has a long and ultra-wide-angle wide perspective, to bring you unprecedented driving comfort; let no darkness at night, clearer vision can greatly reduce the traffic accident rate.
     2, long life: HID xenon lamp is the use of electronic excitation gas light, and therefore longer life, about 3000 hours, greatly exceed the total number of cars when driving at night. The halogen lamp only 500 hours.
     3, saving and strong: Xenon lamp only 35W, and 55W halogen lamp 3 is issued. 5 times more light, large vehicle electrical systems to reduce the load, the power loss save 40% corresponding increase in vehicle performance.
     4, good color temperature: 4300K-12000K, etc. There are, 6000K close to daylight, the majority of users, and halogen only 3000K, light color dark red.
     5, constant output, safe and reliable: when the vehicle power supply system and the battery fails, the ballast automatically shut down to stop working.
     5, cold light source: HID belong to cold light source, no heat, without causing thermal damage car parts.
Fifth, how to install lens (95% after the installation of bifocal lens):
     1, into a single optical lens and lens bifocal lens, brand Hella generation (mainly for Audi C5, A6 and other models), Hella II (mainly for the BMW 5 Series, 7 Series, X5, Z4, Mercedes-Benz E-Class and other models), Bosch (mainly for the Golf GTI, Audi A4, Mercedes-Benz S-Class, Volvo S40 and other models), France Rio 2.75 inch (mainly for the Audi Q7), France Rio 3-inch (mainly for Cayenne, Touareg, Magotan and other models), domestic brands have come out a lot of lenses. Plus lens, the corresponding lights need to meet the following requirements:
     1, the installation is the headlight lens of pre-conditions must be crystal surface is transparent, there is no pattern, and secondly, the space can be put inside a headlight lens.
     2, a single light (that is, the distance light split light) can be installed single optical lens, after installation, you need D2S HID bulbs or complete. Near the light beam can be changed lenses, but generally installed near the light.
     3, a single light installation bifocal lens: H7 is a single instance of the original car light, after the installation of bifocal lenses, bifocal lens itself with the distance light function (bifocal lens is close to the light beam is transformed only with the same lens, with variable light beam near the solenoid valve from the inside of the lens to take power through the control beam power lift gobo light changed from near beam), there is so original car beam is equal to the double beam; after installation, you need to D2S bulb or with D2S HID lamp.
     4, double light lamp, bifocal lens: Dual lights plus bifocal lens, the original car can not use the H4 bulbs need to change with D2S HID bulbs or bulbs (with clamps and wire plus H7 D2S HID conversion of the focus will be unstable).
     5,90% vehicles to be fitted pun lens, in addition to supporting the lens, but also equipped with the following accessories: D2S Kazi, D2S special variable light.
Sixth, how to install lens and angel eyes:
     In addition lens equivalent basis, plus an angel eyes LED aperture, plus lens is consistent with the principle, only increased the simple process it.
Seven, how to change a headlight assembly, installation angel eyes headlight assembly, installation of HID xenon lamp
     Angel eyes headlight 1, the general said only with angel eyes LED aperture with lens assembly; headlight assembly is a dedicated car.
     2, General Assembly affirmed angel eye headlights with LED aperture with lenses, but some with a single optical lens (most recent light), some with double optical lens;
     3, a single optical lens angel eye headlight assembly, generally based on its own models with the corresponding model lights or HID;
     4, bifocal lens angel eye headlight assembly, you need to change a light bulb or with D2S HID bulbs (D2S focus with clamps and wire plus HID H7 will be converted unstable).
Eight, Hella lens difference:
     Hella Hella is divided into 1st and 2nd generation, 2nd generation much more expensive than a generation into ordinary lens and HD lenses of the lens; Hella Bi Haila II generation beam effects, beam weaker; Hella Glaze took a light metal surface, brushed metal surface behalf Hella 2; Hella two generations becomes light circle using parcel.
Nine, the installation of HID DTCs real problem:
     Most of the car because the original lights are 55W, HID is 35W, so there fault tips, so eliminating the need to decode the original car auxiliary line fault signal.
Ten, lamp type: D2S
     D means other than Xenon Halogen;
     Numbers "1,2,3,4", singular with starter, double the number represented without starter, which is mercury design 1,2, 3,4 for the mercury-free design;
     Letters: "S, R", S denotes a lens, R denotes a reflector.
Eleven, LED light eyebrow:
     Is a straight row of LED lights mounted above the LED day eye circles, beautiful lacks purpose.
XII single optical lens / bifocal lens, single light / Dual HID lights relationship:
     Single optical lens is the distance light split light, generally in recent installation of a single optical lens light on;
     Single lamp HID light is the light of non-H4 model that split the distance light lamp, for example, H7, H1, 9005,9006, etc.;
     Dual refers H4 HID lights for HID, the distance light in a lamp dimmer achieved by stretching.
     Bifocal lens is the distance light achieved by blocking light conversion, so he can not be used by itself H4 HID models with dual optical functions.
XIII day vision lens + ring modification is called:
     Mazda M6 day eye lens modification - a single optical lens + Lamps Hella angel eye ring:
     Nissan Livina day eye lens conversion - Hella bifocal lenses + angel eyes rings:
Fourteen, after conversion lens, lights bulb model is changed:
     According to the above said, if the installation of the lens must be matched D2S HID bulbs or halogen bulbs, either single or dual optical lens optical lens.


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