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Introduction HID lamps, metal halide, high pressure sodium

 Introduction HID lamps, metal halide, high pressure sodium
HID lamp (High Intensity Discharge Lamps), including Metal Halide Lamps (Metal Halide Lamp), HPS (High-Pressure Sodium Lamps), and mercury (Mercury vapor lamps) three. Mercury (1) structure and principle: the use of one to several atmospheres of mercury vapor in the discharge luminescence phenomena made ​​of mercury, which can be divided into light-emitting tube (inner tube) on the structure and its protective casing (outer tube). (2) Category: General lighting users with transparent type, fluorescent type and ballast type who included. A. transparent type Mercury: Mercury is just as luminous body to produce pale light, its large full beam, but the color of the poor. B. Fluorescent: inner outer tube glass balls painted red luminescence of the phosphor emits ultraviolet light emitting tube transparent type, the red light component assisted, so that the color and efficiency was improved. C. Ballast type included: an outer tube, the mercury lamp and a ballast (current control) is connected in series with the tungsten wire without the use of additional ballast. (3) characteristics: color temperature of 4100K fluorescent mercury branch of light and color, up to 12,000 hours rated life, lumen maintenance factor is also very good. The impact of changes on the source voltage of the HID than other small, start-up voltage at 200V or less can lighting, and other HID lamps want the same, and the re-start when the more time-consuming, but also difficult to start a phenomenon at low temperatures. Metal halide lamp (1) structure and principle: the structure is similar with mercury, and then, in addition to mercury-emitting tube, argon, but also other enclosed metal halide compound as a luminescent material, the use of these elements enclosed light, can be said to be high-pressure mercury and the efficiency improvement of the color inside the arc tube out of a high pressure discharge lamp of the following types of enclosed gas: 1.Se-Na system 2.Na-Tl-In system 3.Dy-Tl-In system 4. Sn-based in terms of the relationship between light, can be divided into transparent type, diffusion type (phosphor coating inside the outer tube) and a reflective type. (2) Test: A. high luminous efficiency: Sc-Na system of 120 lumens / watt (lm / w). Dy-Tl system 83 lumens / watt (lm / w). B. excellent in color, because the continuous spectrum, the light can get comfortable. C. lifetime, the luminous flux maintenance ratio of the geometric difference of other HID lamps. D. Start, and then start the time is longer than the other HID lamps, and susceptible to the power supply voltage variations. Starting voltage is higher, you need to use a dedicated ballast, but Sc-Na system and Na-Tl-In system (low start-up voltage type) who will start the internal components attached to the bulb, using a mercury lamp ballast (blocking coil mode, leakage transformer methods). HPS (1) structure and principle: the basic structure and principles and mercury lighting is about the same, however different point of light-emitting tube material and the light-emitting tube enclosed gas (mostly mercury and xenon) is different. The outer tube for the sake of good insulation, were evacuated. (2) Type: A. General Type B. Type C. starters included improvement in type D. height color color type (sodium vapor pressure will improve) E. reflective type (3) Feature: A. bulb high luminous efficiency (of 120-150 lm / w) B. life, excellent lumen maintenance factor of C. poor color, light color is yellow-white, the color is identifiable D. E. start consuming the power supply voltage changes, the major changes in the power of the lamp F. is easy to start, can be poured into the xenon gas, or use high-pressure shock waves overlap plus the way
HID lights used in car lights car based abroad statistics show that 60% of accident took place in the night, another 22% of traffic accidents occurred in poor light vision, so the lighting on the car in a safe, plays an important role to enhance the breadth lights illumination and projection are major depot important issue. In addition to use HID lights can enhance the brightness and breadth, mainly because of low luminous efficiency halogen bulbs, lamps for use in the car to have more halogen light fixtures volume will be larger, the impact of the General Assembly changed the car lighting design difficulties because the car requires some low wind set of coefficients, while greatly affect lights in the front of the car, such as the effective reduced lighting, this can also be an indirect light less wind resistance, so the depot will try to study HID lights. What traditional halogen and HID lamps are different: the traditional halogen bulb headlight use is the use of "combustion luminous" way to generate lighting, HID thing and use "jump-in-emitting" to lighting. The former is like when the barbecue, the light emitted by the Fo Tan, while the latter is similar to the light factory issued by welding on site, according to the brightness of the experiment three times the conventional HID lamps headlamps, irradiation distance compared to traditional style twice. Advantages of HID lamps: A. Long life: 2,500 hours, you can use more than about 5 years B. High brightness: about 3200lmC high efficiency:.. 67lm/WD low power consumption:. 35W-40WE enhance road safety and improve comfort F . super white arc light similar to daylight sunlight HID lamps drawback: A. high voltage (23000V) B. Price high (including high pressure CABLE, ballast, starter, etc.) C. design a long time (and halogen lights comparison) D. repair, and maintenance must be maintained by the factory and high maintenance costs have interference E. F. mold fee is higher than the current headlights (resistant to UV light fixtures need to be designed) HID bulb structure of vehicle electronic products because most car DC power, and AC HID is needed, it is necessary to provide a ballast transformer action. There are several parts to the ballast consisting of: A. the DC to AC converter and the boost voltage ignition circuit B.: start when the HID lamp is mainly to provide a high pressure C. DC-AC inverter: Main HID lights are provided, after lighting a stable voltage and current control and drive circuits D.: All HID lamps are mainly used to detect the situation and timely adjust the voltage and current, so that HID lamps to maintain a certain degree of efficiency and stability the two most frequently used lights HID lamp D2R lamps lighting: lighting is a reflection of this design, this design is not for the light bulb to light shines on the car has always been in the design of a light bulb above a visor, visor to prevent irradiation the pair has always been the car, the design of this lamp bulbs and lamps can only be grasped 40% of the emitted light, is not regarded as a high efficiency. D2S lamps: lamps is projected this design, there is no shade on the lamp design, only the lamps have a visor, a block off the main light scattered up and design a lens on the lamp, lamp shade can make this light is concentrated in one area and direction of such lamps can grasp 80% of the light bulbs, high efficiency, the depot is currently used by many lamps. Conclusion HID lamps have been widely used in advanced vehicles headlights, mainly bulbs and ballast expensive.,, 

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