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No. Project Improvement Technical Data Technical Data Memo ordinary for hid xenon kit

 No. Project Improvement Technical Data Technical Data Memo ordinary
A cold start current 6.5-7.0A 8.5A start current is small, the more models can be installed
Two steady-state current 3.5A/12V 3.2A/12V input voltage is higher, the smaller the current
3 Hot start current 3.6A/12V 8.5A small start-up current to extend lamp life
4 stable power 35W 35W constant power requirements
5 open circuit protection automatic protection within 1 second automatic protection within one second
6 Short circuit protection automatic protection within 10 seconds automatically protected within one second longer shows itself more reliable circuits and components
7 overvoltage protection automatically stop working when you reach 18V 16V
8 undervoltage protection automatically stops when reaching 8V 9V
9 flashover test at 23KV 23KV not appear anywhere in the ignition does not occur can not occur spark ignition
10 tests with a flash per second switch, the bulb can be lit every 1 per second switches, each capable of light bulbs
11 continuous working 24 hours aging test
12 hours of continuous work properly
Lights off normal circumstances can not appear in the middle
12 Normal Normal enough energy ignition test
13 to 105 degrees Celsius temperature test can
105 degrees Celsius is working properly
When the low temperature test 14 to minus 40 degrees Celsius to minus 40 degrees Celsius can work
15 waterproof and dustproof test soaked in water 12 hours,
Normal 6 hours immersion in water, the normal
16 good anti-vibration tests under normal circumstances fall without damaging the concrete floor
17 Good Good salt spray test
18 anti-electromagnetic interference testing compliance with regulatory requirements in line with regulatory requirements can reduce the trip computer, audio interference
19 ignition voltage 23KV 20KV-23KV
Time 4 seconds 8 seconds needed time to stabilize the current fast or too slow is not ideal cold start at 20
21 ≥ 300 megohms insulation positive supply for housing insulation, ≥ 300 megohms resistance of its bigger the better


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