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HID xenon lamp technology professionals Answers

 HID xenon lamp technology professionals Answers
1, What is HID Xenon?
Using high-tech xenon poured into the quartz tube, and then through the precise moment ballast will be 12 volts of power increase to 23,000 volts, free xenon electronic excitation tube, between the two electrodes to form a bunch of super-luminous arc continued, not only according to more light, but also illuminate the broader, we call gas discharge, due to the super white xenon arc generated light similar to daylight sunlight, is absolutely the best companion for your road lighting.
2, What are the advantages of xenon lamp?
Half power
As long as 35W power, which greatly reduce the burden of vehicle electrical systems, reducing electricity = reduce fuel consumption = reduce environmental pollution.
Brightness three times
300% brightness upgrade, let's clear vision during the day and at night to reproduce bright, according to this family's safety and well-being, whether driving at night or in fog, any dangerous obstacles never escape your stuff.
Life for life
Life up to 2000 hours, that is, unless the external damage, you need to replace the bulb. Beyond the general total number of vehicles traveling at night, look forward to HID with your peers.
3, Why should I use high-quality lights?
Because they can reduce deaths and injuries occur. Good lights can allow drivers earlier and more clearly found that pedestrians, cyclists and sanitation workers. Earlier and more clearly find traffic signs and signposts to prevent accidents is essential.
4, I can put the car headlights to HID xenon lamp change it?
Of course you can! The installation process is very simple, most people can be completed within 20 minutes, all the accessories are in the box, with no additional tools. Just follow the steps listed specification, replace the original halogen bulbs and components. However, you need to know, according to the different national laws and regulations, HID xenon lamp may only be used as a light lamp. Finally, you can reinstall the ordinary halogen lamps.
5, why use HID xenon lamp?
For safer driving past a car fitted with car manufacturers ABS, airbags and other equipment. But more than 60% of accidents are caused due to poor lighting conditions, and therefore, better road safety automotive lighting to make more secure.
6, this HID xenon lighting system, including what parts kit
We have to provide you with a full range of equipment and tools, including two high-quality HID xenon bulb and two dedicated HID electronic ballasts, as well as family connections, accessories, and installation instructions.
7, why HID xenon lamp is more expensive than halogen lamps?
Xenon lamp is not just a new type of light bulb so simple, but one of the following components of a new system:
A) an HID xenon bulbs, manufactured according to strict criteria.
2) a specially adapted with high-tech HID electronic ballast
The traditional halogen bulbs that do not need a dedicated HID electronic ballast prices typically account for more than two-thirds of the entire system.
8, what is the lumen?
Lumen is an international optical flow units. For example, a candle produces 12 lumens, a 60-watt incandescent lamp produces 830 lumens. The larger the value, the brighter the light.
9, Kelvin
Is a unit of thermodynamic temperature, is used to measure the degree of white light output. The larger the value, the more white light. If you reach 5000K, the color of the light changes during the day began, a little blue.
10, how I judge HID electronic ballast is working properly?
First, to work for a normal light bulb on other systems. Failure to solve the problem, you should measure the input voltage between vehicle power and electronic ballasts in order to check their compliance with the normal work standards. Such as normal, you should check the open circuit voltage OCV. Such as normal, the problem may be due to capacitive or QiHuiQi lead, suggested that it be replaced. Typically, if there is no sign of overheating and electronic ballast OCV open circuit voltage measurement is normal, then the electronic ballast in a normal state, the problem is likely derived from the other components and wiring errors.
11, What causes lights flashing constantly?
This indicates that the lamp life has almost, replace with a new bulb will solve this problem. This problem is most likely to occur in the high-pressure sodium lamp system.
12, the same power can be interchanged ballasts do? For example, if you can use a 400 watt high pressure sodium lamp ballasts instead of metal halide ballast?
Can not. Each lamp can only use a dedicated ballast, the ballast label will state the accompanying use of lights. Do not use the matching ballast will affect the life of the ballast and lamp life. HID lamps have specific operating parameters, ballast is designed according to the parameters.


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