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Legitimate distance light HID lamp design

 Legitimate distance light HID lamp design
Xenon lighting advantages are obvious applications in the car, so the higher penetration rate in the European, American and Japanese markets. However, due to its characteristics:
     1, light, as a halogen lamp is energized immediately unlike a steady yellow light, it must have a short heating for 2 seconds, the process of the xenon arc breakdown will be issued more stable luminance;
     2, can not start a different filament such as halogen lamps to switch the lights, there would be a visual "blind." It is a moment by the two electrodes from glass tube high-voltage gas (ie, xenon) and sustained arcing emits light, the light emitting point wider than ordinary halogen lamps and a large range. Its focal length than the halogen light emitting Cup has changed, so the xenon bulbs of various models in the design than the halogen difficulties in Europe and only the production of BMW, Mercedes-Benz models supporting individual xenon lamp.
         The distance light design is actually a great test. Neither the "blindness" phenomenon, the phenomenon can not have glare. In addition to HID lamps themselves with different designs and general halogen, it is more important that manufacturers design bulb axis positioning, the headlights to minimize astigmatism within an acceptable range, in order to achieve ECER98 standard lights.
         Currently the level of dazzling lights on the market, in the form of each one: distance unchanged, xenon lamp, halogen lamp, commonly known as the double bubble of dual xenon lights. Aside in the use of lights can meet the requirements of their products 'own safety' is debatable. This point will be the next focus of our discussion.
         The most sophisticated design than the light switch in the distance, the normal case of xenon lamp is lit, the light does not change the start-up mode, but using light projected changes to change the light to achieve the distance light effect. One is the use of different focal length reflector lamp wide range of the reflected beam to change. To achieve this effect, the common practice is to change the position of the lamp luminous points, such as the use of the BMW, Mercedes rotary motor (motor rotating slower due to switch gradually no longer used), electromagnetic Mobile; another species are no changes in Beijing Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. developed housing luminous point, the use of mechanical linkage structure, changing the light beam emitted range. The design approach of both xenon lights have transformed the distance light action quickness, but also safety tips practicality, while maintaining legitimate beam lights and reduce glare, astigmatism.
     So successful product is the success of your choice.

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