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What are some good quality brands to look for?

 What are some good quality brands to look for?
Generally speaking, Philips or Osram (division of Sylvania) kits are recommended because they are the brands used by the major automotive OEM's.  They count on quality components because dependability is critical to auto manufacturers.  Other brands may use bulbs or ballasts of inferior manufacture that are prone to early failure.Perhaps even more sinister, some kits tout their use of Philips or Osram ballasts while they covertly use cheap bulbs of unknown origin that burn out quickly.  So it is a good idea to check the brands you buy.  They likely won't be branded by Philips or Osram directly, rather they are usually rebranded by another company.  If the seller doesn't specify who makes their components, it is a gamble.A low price is very tempting (believe me, I'm the same way), so my best advice is to solicit opinions and do your research before buying and welcome to visit our company web as below:


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