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How to adjust the high and low lights?
 How to adjust the high and low lights?

First of all, aim the front wall stopped, a distance of about 10 metres, being careful to not to have any deviation, the body is to keep the level as much as possible for accurate, can use chalk to draw marks, watch out for cars should be standard in the normal load shall not be extra load, and debugging.

Turn the headlights on, and its projection on the wall of the aperture is adjusted according to. Both headlights of the focal point distance from the front axle should be equidistant projection on the wall, or by-step adjustment; right to the ground from the center point of the lamp should be equidistant projection on the wall, left 10CM lamps the distance is higher than its projection.

Second: put adjustment to the line, left headlight to be absolutely straight, whereas the right headlight may be slightly to the right, as this right can see very clearly, foggy weather was particularly effective.

Third: over a headlight is easy to adjust, with a thick cloth covering one of the headlights so you can shoot in a headlight beam on the wall to be effective regulation, when debugging using two screwdrivers, one beam height adjustment, a second, used to adjust the width of the beam.



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