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The main difference between the DC HID Ballast AC ballast

 The main difference between the DC HID Ballast AC ballast
HID and AC to DC output HID, what are the main differences
1. Less MOS transistor 4, and part of the control circuit is simplified, the cost can be reduced.
2. DC ballast output is a direct current, the frequency is not required, and the MOS transistor 4, the parameters of the same stringent requirements, and if not, it is easy to burn, therefore, relatively speaking, the failure rate is reduced.
3. DC ballast, DC bulb to meet the need, if the exchange bulbs, light bulbs burn very easily;
4. DC ballast, not easily broken, but relatively speaking bulb life will be shorter;
5. DC ballast, currently there is a problem to be solved is this: in the lighting process, would flicker is no short term solution, pending the industry to solve;
Some early HID xenon lamp with DC, but their HID xenon lamp life is short. This is because in the DC case, an electrode is high-speed continuous positive ion bombardment, a long time, causing the electrode burning loss. This has resulted in significantly lower electrode life. With alternating current, high-speed positive ion bombardment even two electrodes, virtually doubling the life of HID xenon lamp. Another advantage is that the temperature of the electrode at the AC temperature lower, probably because the transformation of yin and yang electrode 400 times per second (direct current electrode is always an anode), which in turn play a fever two electrodes anode electrode instead of a persistent fever. The good news is that the AC arc is easier to maintain.

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