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What is lens, single-lens, bifocal lens?

 What is lens, single-lens, bifocal lens?

In the headlights of the car, lens lamp light is the most standard, can have a distinct dark cutting line, solved the problem of astigmatism, abroad, xenon lamps as standard lens used, belonging to optical microscope this microscope, and we just called it the "lens". Used lens type using the traditional lamp power lamp headlight lamps, luminance uniformity, a penetrating light loss advantages.

Lens lamp of the vehicle is equipped with two types: single, dual light. Single lens inside and respectively design has corresponds to near light and far light of lens, as: M6 of near light lens, Mondi Europe far light lens; double light lens of different zhiwai is it can made similar far, and near light conversion of transform, usually is near light State, dang while opened far light of when, it through electromagnetic institutions operation variable light document tablets, makes near light of lights also distribution to far light irradiation up, is equal to has two a far light together bright. Bifocal lenses normally used in high-end car, such as the A6. BMW. Mercedes-Benz, and so on.

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