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What is xenon lamps?
 What is xenon lamps?

HID full name in English is a High Intensity Discharge Lamp, which contains a new type of automotive lighting Xenon headlights, also known high-intensity discharge lamps or gas discharge auto HID Xenon lighting system (Chinese version of short titles: the Xenon headlights). Xenon lamps high brightness, Brights issued closer to the Sun, low power consumption, high reliability, and not subject to car voltage fluctuations, greatly improves night driving visibility. At present, the only new upmarket car that is configured to use the new headlights. This lamp uses high-tech Xenon into the quartz tube, no matter how sophisticated the ignition coil 12V electric moments should be raised to 23000V through high voltage electricity to stimulate the Xenon tube, in between making a bunch of super high-temperature electric arc light. Light efficiency and brightness increased by 3 times times, life expectancy increased by a factor of 10 times, with the motor service life. H.I.D. lamps known as 21st century revolutionized car lighting products, HID Xenon lights replace conventional halogen lamps will be the trend of the development of vehicles.

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