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Considerations for automotive HID Xenon lamp?
     Considerations for automotive HID Xenon lamp?

1, automotive HID Xenon lamp ballast (electronic ballast) do not install in a place far away from the source close to the, such as near the tank, because of excessive moisture may cause the stability of residual current and aging.

2, do not mount the stabilizer next to the heating element and some wires can generally be installed on top of the bumper, this can help dissipate heat.

3, the ballast is placed in a location with good ventilation, so as to allow the air to flow to lower ballast temperature.

4, ballast of high voltage cable should not be wound, so as to avoid excessive magnetic fields, thus affecting other electrical equipment of the vehicle.

5, ballast wiring down to the installation. After installation, the general lines on the relays, fuses exposed, for later replacement.

6, Xenon lights bulbs after installation to ensure the sealed to avoid water influence the life of the bulb.

7, installation, dedicated group alignment in general appearance as possible, and try not to be connected with the heating element, so as to avoid overheating caused by electrical short circuit circuit breaker. To use cable ties tied and not to come into contact with mechanical moving parts, so as to avoid unnecessary exposure to loose or abnormal noise.

8, various interfaces, fuse, use Gaffer tape up to avoid loose and cause poor contact.

9, when the lamp once it is installed, if one side does not light, or flashes, first line anode position adjustment of the group.

10, when installing the H4 lamp, if Tokiaki without light, not light, or will continue to Flash, first check the H4 wiring polarity does not match the correct (usually two kinds of ++-and--+), after matching will return to normal.

For more detailed information, please refer to the relevant information.

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