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What is a HID Xenon lamp?
What is a HID Xenon lamp?

Xenon lamp is a and contains Xenon type headlamps, alsoknown as high-intensity-discharge gas lamps, referred to HID IntensityDischarge Lamp. Xenon lamp broke the principle of Edison's tungsten light,quartz light tubes filling high pressure inert gas Xenon-Xenon, replacingconventional filament, with mercury at the two electrodes and carbon compounds,through the ballast to 23000-Volt high-voltage current to stimulate the Xenonlight, perfect white arc is formed between the two poles, light emitted nearperfect perfect  sunshine.

Car HID Xenon lights are different from conventional halogen lamps,it's a high-pressure discharge lamp, its luminous principles is to use positiveand negative stimulation of Xenon and metals chemistry glow, therefore there isa small glass ball lamp, this one is filled with Xenon gas and a little rare,as long as the electricity flows to stimulate them to chemical reactions, whichwill issue up to 4000K-12000K color temperature of the light. It uses aspecially designed ballasts, using cars to electric pond 23000V 2V voltagetrigger voltage to cause the lamp to start. Brightness brightness is rated at0.8 seconds at startup 20%, reach the brightness of a halogen lamp andheadlight brightness ratings of 4 seconds to reach 80% above. After solidballast provide approximately 80V supply voltage to the lamp keep the lamp at aconstant power operation.


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