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How to install led work light?
 How to install led work light?

1.) Connect the LED worklight bar to a 12v bench tester or directly to your vehicle's carbattery to check if the product works prior to installing on your vehicle.

2.) Using the provided screws (3/4") and rubber washers attach themounting bracket to both ends of the LED light bar and tighten with an allenwrench.

3.) Locate the position where you want to install the LED light bar and use the1.25" screws and bolts to secure the light bar to the vehicle.

NOTE: Be advised that the product is designed to be installed on a flat surfaceonly. If mounting the product on a curved or uneven surface, we recommend usingself-tapping screws instead for a better installation.

4.) Once the light bar is mounted, route the wires from the product to therelay switch. Connect the red wire to the red wire on the switch and black wireto the black wire on the switch. (We recommend soldering the connections orusing butt-connectors and covering any exposed wires with electrical tape orheat shrink tubing).

 5.) Route the red and black wires from the relay switch directly to the batterypositive and negative (red for positive and black for negative).

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