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LED panel light tell you the common problems

LED panel light tell you the common problems:


A plane photoelectric Shenzhen is specialized in LED panel light manufacturers, aiming at four problems panel light in installation and application, summarize and analyze the share is as follows:

The failure problem of 1 panel lamp package,

The packaging design innovation or product production process is not reliable due to electronic components quality damage. Epoxy resin materials used in panel lamp package, aging problem in everyday use,

Thus, reducing the using life of LED panel lights. Even the refractive index, light transmittance, hardness, thermal expansion coefficient, air permeability, water permeability, packing function effect of lighting effects.

2 electrical overstress failures:

Is the panel light source in current use (EOS) or electrostatic impact damage (ESD) panel lamp chip,

To form the panel light chip circuit, lead to electrical overstress failures.

3.LED panel light chip failure,

LED panel light chip failure or other reasons form panel light chip failure. LED chip which is produced by LED panel lamp manufacturers procurement quality was not reliable,

This is a wrong direction of cost control.

4 thermal stress failure,

The important factors to influence the optical properties of LED in most cases is caused by higher temperature, this is because of the work in the invariant premise of LED system thermal resistance,

If the LED encapsulation pins in the welding point temperature, the temperature will rise as well, and then cause problems with the optical properties of LED LED, LED lighting bad phenomenon.

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