Guangzhou Liwin Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
by the way we have new products to you

by the way we have new products to you

it's new just development from our factory

can be bring more profit to your market

pls have a try for it

1) licencewelcome light with logo


2)speical car logo light also the new one


3) new mini projector lens light, same size as h4-3 hid bulbs, moresmaller size, fit for more car, price competive


4) new ballastfor hi lo function ac higher quality ballast this style is for the h4-3 hi lofunctionno need theharnessthe ballastcan be control for the h4-3 hi lo function



5) quick Startbalalst quick generally reached 23 in ninety percent brightness for hid bulbs.


normal ballasttakes 56 seconds to start brightness




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