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what's meants for HID (Xenon) headlights
HID (Xenon) headlights
High intensity Discharge refers to a high-pressure gas discharge lamp which is filled with an inert gas mixture including xenon and has no filament of a halogen lamp. The HID xenon lamp may be referred to as a metal halide lamp Or xenon lamp, the principle of its light through the starter and electronic ballast, the voltage increased to 23000V above high pressure breakdown xenon resulting in xenon arc between the two electrodes and emit light. Xenon lamps into xenon lamps for automotive and xenon lamps for outdoor lighting.

Used to provide road lighting at night, usually when the outside light is more adequate or more traffic when the use of low beam light, dark night road traffic lights and sparse sections with high beam. Turn off the high beam and use the low beam to illuminate the car on the opposite side and the car ahead.
    Security, in fact, this is the biggest charm of HID. Many owners who have used HID reaction, installed a HID lamp good sight, greatly improving the safety of driving at night. This is mainly due to the fact that the multiple beams and intensities of the HID lamps are far simpler than the simple ones, the low beam setting is more effective, the lighting in the front of the car can be greatly improved, and the sign of the roadside can be illuminated. The importance of safety for driving is unnecessary Doubtful.
    Acute, due to xenon lamps and halogen light emitting principle is different, when the battery power problems, it will extend a few seconds before extinguishing, so that owners have time to deal with emergencies.
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