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What is hid xenon ballast
What is a ballast
What is a ballast, ballast in the end what is the use? HID ballast is essential in supporting parts, s rather a guide for the line, it has another name for HID Electronic Ballast called English, said: BALLAST, its size is very small, only an ordinary PC CD-ROM one of four, with the development of modern manufacturing techniques, Austrian Langdon now introduced a new slim ballast volume is greatly reduced, size is only 72mm * 61mm * 13mm, thickness of only 13mm, small enough to not believe Right? Its main role is to the original voltage instantaneously rises to 23000V 12V high voltage, the voltage of this high-intensity light emitted to activate the HID bulb is generated between the poles, lighting the lamp to achieve high brightness. What is a ballast I believe we have a bottom of the heart, and more about the role of ballast, click the link to view. For stability, the familiar people know far less than the DC ballast exchange of ballast, for people who are not familiar with tend to map the immediate convenience mistakenly select DC. For more reasons, communication is the ballast's first choice. Because in the case of direct current, an electrode sustained high-speed positive ions bombardment, a long time, it caused the electrode erosion. This leads to a significant reduction in electrode life. The lifetime of the HID Xenon lamp of the DC ballast is generally short. When the AC ballast is used, high-speed positive ions collide with both electrodes to effectively increase the service life of the HID lamp. For this reason, the operating temperature of the DC ballast is significantly higher than the AC ballast

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