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what is the advantage for liwin led headlight?
LED headlight
Used to provide road lighting at night, usually when the outside light is more adequate or more traffic when the use of low beam light, dark night road traffic lights and sparse sections with high beam. Turn off the high beam and use the low beam to illuminate the car on the opposite side and the car ahead.
LED (Light-Emitting-Diode Chinese meaning for the light-emitting diode) is a kind of semiconductor solar energy can be converted into visible light, which changed the incandescent tungsten light-emitting technology and energy-saving light-emitting trichromatic principle, and the use of electric field light. According to the analysis, the characteristics of LED is very obvious, long life, high luminous efficiency, no radiation and low power consumption. LED spectrum almost all concentrated in the visible light band, its luminous efficiency up to 80 ~ 90%. Compared with the traditional light bulb, LED's superiority lies in:
• Lighted without delay, faster response time, traditional glass bulb has a 0.3 second delay to prevent rear-end
• More seismic performance
• Luminous purity, no shade filter, light wavelength error of 10 nanometers or less
• Glowing heat is very small, the heat resistance of lighting materials is not very demanding
• Centralized beam, easier to control, and no need to collect light with a reflector, which helps to reduce the depth of the luminaire
• Low power consumption, up to 6% of conventional light bulbs, with the same brightness as conventional bulbs
• Long life, no filament structure does not heat, the normal use of more than 6 years
• Vehicle control circuit is not prone to oxidation
1, energy saving, 20W power up to halogen 55W, xenon lamp 35W the same lighting effects
2, environmental protection, no xenon lamp light pollution, no longer worried about the car, passers-by were unable to adapt to the environment outside the incident occurred
3, high efficiency, the maximum effective energy conversion of up to 95%, no light lamp delay, no strong current impact, effectively protect the car comes with battery, improve battery life of more than 30%
4, long life, the service life of 50,000 hours, according to the average daily use of lamp conversion, LED headlamps life of 5-8 years
5, less color decline, the use of imported high-quality chip package integration, 20W up to 2000 lumens luminous flux, each continuous use of 1000 hours, the loss of 2 lumens
6, fast cooling, the appearance of the most advanced design, clever and reasonable cooling structure, xenon lamp color obvious, HID color difference of about 600K
8, less warranty, power-driven use of wide-voltage constant current mode, can address a variety of automotive voltage instability, the effective protection of Led efficient use of normal, and simple structure, less damage to components, rework probability is very low, than HID stability Rework low 80% above
9,0 induction start, xenon lamp need to start slowly
10, fever, low temperature protection car, xenon lamp temperature up to 800 degrees -1000 degrees, the main reason car auto-ignition
11, zero failure, zero rework, still in xenon lamp 5% rework rate entangled?
12, LED, generally used as brake light or daytime driving lights, long service life, fast lighting, faster than the normal light bulb 50 milliseconds, the speed of 100km / h in the premise, the braking distance can be reduced by about 1.4 meters.

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