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what's the Xenon lamp type?
what's the Xenon lamp type?
Xenon lamp models according to the bulb can be divided into three series, namely the 900 series, H series and D series .. These models and the car's ordinary headlight bulb model is the corresponding.
900 series 9004 \ 9005 \ 9006 \ 9007
As the 9004 and 9007 original bulbs belong to the bifocal (far and near-light) bulbs, they also extend the two models 9004 / L (near xenon band far halide), 9004 / H Halogen), 9007 / L (near-xenon band far halide), 9007 / H (far xenon band near halogen), and the more popular 9004/9007 H / L (Flexible / moving / 9004 and 9007 can be common dual-light models of light bulbs. In the daily sales work, if the customer has the light bulb for both models, check with the customer whether it belongs to near xenon with far halogen, because this is the best-selling model. Customers may also request a single lamp (9004-1 or 9007-1), so check with your customer to avoid mixing.
In fact 9004 and 9007 lampholders are exactly the same, their difference is in the input wiring of the positive and negative distinction.
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