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24V55W hid xenon ballast introduction
24V55W hid xenon ballast introduction
First, the parameter specifications:
① working voltage range: 16 ~ 34V
② maximum starting current: 3.5A
③ steady current: 26.4VDC / 1.8A
④ output voltage: 85V ± 5V
⑤ working environment temperature: -40 ℃ ~ 105 ℃
Second, the performance description:
From software to hardware, completely independent research and development, the program uses digital control, the combination of hardware and software design, independent development of high-performance program-controlled, high-end brands of electronic components put together to fully support the program-controlled hardware scheduling in order to achieve the combination of hardware and software perfect digital Design, while ensuring high performance, both high reliability, failure rate of less than 3%, efficiency of 84% or more. Real constant power, input voltage change, constant power output to the lamp, constant power accuracy of ± 1%. After upgrading all materials than the 5S version of the parameters higher, better, more stable!

1. The use of automotive components, more stable, impact resistance, lower failure rate.
2. Protection function: with reverse protection, over-voltage protection, no-load protection, short circuit protection. Irregular bulb pressure protection.
3. Can better fit the market all the highlights and super bright bulbs.
4 and highlight the light bulb matching lumen value can reach more than 4200lm.
Third, the main components before and after the comparison upgrade:

                        5S version
              * Chip capacitor material is X7R, with a voltage of 50V.
              * The transistor is ON Semiconductor.

                         6S version
              * Chip capacitor material is NPO, with a withstand voltage of 100V.
              * Second transistor brand for Japan's Roma.
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