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Our LED headlamps advantages:

Our LED headlamps advantages:

1Aquick start - real nanosecond start, a start that is bright headlamp meetthe  requirements of  Second, save el

2saveelectricity - only 21W of power per lamp

3thesafety and health - no high voltage high current start, no circuit interferenceand electromagnetic radiation

4highluminous flux - lumens per watt is 120LM, far more than the halogen and HIDlamps

5long life - Lamp life is 50,000 hours theory

6avery small difference - every single lamp beads color temperature differencedoes not exceed 300K, excellent color rendering

7setlight better than peers - a narrow strip light-emitting surface, close to thehalogen design, as opposed to a round surface emitting similar products

8low heat lamp beads - far less than the halogen and HID lamps, greatly extendlamp life

9noultraviolet light radiation - protect eyes and reduce cracking yellow lamps

10easyto install - no need to cut the line, plug and play, delicate mini-driver

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