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Definition of "color temperature"
Definition of "color temperature"
Color temperature refers to the change in color experienced by human eyes under different energy.

In terms of color temperature calculations, Kelvin is used as the starting point for calculating black-body radiation at 0° Kelvin=Celsius-273°C.
Heating the black body will increase the energy into the visible light field. For example, at 2800 °K, the colored light emitted will be the same as the light bulb. We will say that the color temperature of the bulb is 2800 °K.
The change of color temperature in the visible light range, from low color temperature to high color temperature is from orange red -> white _> blue.
Color temperature characteristics
1. At high latitudes, the color temperature is high and the color seen is blue.
2. In low latitude areas, the color temperature is low and the color seen is reddish.
( < - Low color temperature .................... High color temperature -> )
3. In the course of a day, the color temperature also changes. When the sunlight leans, the energy is absorbed (clouds, air), so the color temperature is low. When the sun shines, energy is absorbed less, so the color temperature is higher.
4. The sRGB color model of Windows is based on 6500 ° K as the standard color temperature, expressed as D65.
5. The early morning color temperature is about 4400 °K.
6. The color temperature of the mountains is approximately 6000 °K.

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