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Advantage editing for led headlight
Advantage editing
The model is the same as the original car. It does not change the original car route and directly replaces the original car bulb.
LED reversing light, LED turn signal, LED brake light double line anti-reflux
Canbus decoding anti-flash alarm
Softer: The color saturation is rich, so that the output light is softer and natural, which is in line with the characteristics of automotive lighting applications;
More durable: durable, strong shock resistance, longer life, is 10 times the life of traditional halogen lamps;
More energy-saving: high efficiency, less heat, low consumption, environmental protection, 5050 SMD LED car light less heat, is the future of automotive energy-saving applications of the design concept;
Safer: Faster response than traditional incandescent light, HID lamps require longer drive lighting delays. More real-time reflection of vehicle conditions and road conditions, leaving drivers with longer judgment time and fewer vehicle safety accidents;
More practical: small size, light weight, can achieve a more compact and exquisite lighting, design for other models to save more space;
More healthy: LED lights are cold green light sources, there is no infrared, ultraviolet and other light, heat, radiation, automotive interior lighting is more healthy and meet the colorful application needs of the backlight.

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