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HID bulb type
D series:
D1C, D1R, D1S, D2C D2R, D2S, D3C, D3R, D3S, D4C, D4R, D4S
H series:
H4 - H1, H3, H4-1, 2, H4-3, H4-4, H7, H8, H9, H10, H11, H13-1, H13-2, H13, H13-4
The 900 series:
4, 9004-1900-2900-4-3900-4-4900, 5900, 6900-1900-7-2900-7-3900-7-4
The 800 series:
Motorcycle series:
Legs, H6-1 H6-2 legs, H6-3 legs
Note: red font for commonly used models

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