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Our company deals in HID, HID xenon lamp, car xenon lamp, motorcycle HID xenon light, HID ballast, q
Our company deals in HID, HID xenon lamp, car xenon lamp, motorcycle HID xenon light, HID ballast, quality assurance, welcome consultation discussion.
Model: the BAL - 12 (thin) -
The input voltage range: 9-16 v
Working current: 3.2 A (A) 0.1 mm, 13.2 V
The biggest starting current: 6 a or less
Output power: 35 W (+ 0.5 W) / 9 v ~ 18 v
Output voltage: 85 v AC (plus or minus 17 v)
Output frequency (300-360 hz
Efficiency: 82% or higher
Starting voltage: 23 kv Typ: 1 s
To adapt to the environment temperature: - 40 ℃ ~ 105 ℃
Cooling method: natural cooling
To adapt to the HID bulb: matching can be arbitrary
Defective rate: 0.5% or less
Working life: 10 years quality assurance: 18 months
1, small size, beautiful shape, heat fast, cost-effective benefits. Imported microcomputer control
Slim, grace profile, but good at discharge heat. The High Cost
It adopted the Performance due to the import of SCM.
2, low starting current, less consumption, and can enhance the car battery life.
The Lower the Start current, Less power consumption will expand 'cell lifespan.
3, stable output power, enhance the lamp life, and the color temperature uniformity.
Stabile Output Power
Strengthens Lamp Lifespan and keep color temper coherence.
4, the output power is strong, don't pick the light bulb, can choose any combination of bulbs.
High Luminance, match HID at random.
5, important parts adopt imported components, high efficiency, long working life, low failure rate.
Key component adopted imported, high efficiency, long lifespan, and low defect.
6, output frequency is stable, no electromagnetic interference
Stabile output frequency without Hertzian waves
7, independent research and development design, the chip work performance is strong, with short circuit, open circuit protection, over-voltage under-voltage protection, high and low temperature protection, anti-jamming protection, etc
Self - developed and designed, and the strong function of the chip, the build - in, Open Circuit Protection, Short

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