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Various types of models to modify the common faults and solutions of xenon lamps
Various types of models to modify the common faults and solutions of xenon lamps (for reference only) ~~~~~~
1. New Bora: After the installation, the light will flicker and become unstable, and there will be a fault code, etc., and it will be off when the light is on. This is also the case with the blue-sky satellite with digital technology.

Reasons: Mainly because of the well-developed mass-market computer equipment, which makes it vulnerable to current interference and static electricity.

Solution: 35W ballast with anti-interference EMI can be directly installed


2, Mondeo and Cool and other cars, after the installation of xenon lights, there will be when the lights turn on the phenomenon of electrical equipment, such as Cool will have to return to zero after the instrument, Mondeo will restart the phenomenon of air conditioning

Cause: The current is caused by excessive current when the ballast is started. Its output current is requisitioned by the headlamp startup, causing the total output current to be insufficient.

Solution: Use a low-current startup ballast. The starting current is preferably no higher than 4.5A at 12V. Can also increase the original car output fuse can solve the problem, generally increase the fuse of 10A on it


3, the new Peugeot 307,407 and 607 and other vehicles, the installation of xenon lamp will be on the fault code, light when the light is off, and the light strobe instability and other phenomena

Reason: Caused by the above situation is mainly caused by current interference and electrostatic interference

Solution: Solve this type of problem by installing the EMI ballast directly with the best anti-interference


4. When the Mingrui car is equipped with two sets of DSP50W ballasts, there will be a small number of parts of the car that will have a cycle phenomenon in which one side of the left and right sides does not shine, and the other side becomes unlit again.

Reasons: Or because some cars are special, it is the reason why some of the car's current supply is abnormal and the current cannot keep up.

Solution: The solution to this type of problem is to replace the 50W ballast with a 35W DSP ballast. Normally, the exhaust volume is less than 1.8L, the spleen is 35W, and the exhaust volume is more than 2.0L. solve


5, Audi A6L car, some vehicles installed DSP50W installation, there will be a special special phenomenon of airbag alarm

The reason is that the ballast input power is too high (the input power is about 63W), caused by the interference caused by the cause of excessive current during startup.

Solution: Directly install the anti-interference EMI stabilizer with 55W input power.


6, winning car, ordinary ballast and blue sky after the installation of the lights will flash after the headlights go out, DSP 35W loaded up, the first two days of good, after a few seconds the headlights are off

Reason: This situation is a common phenomenon of insufficient power, the computer directly shuts down

Solution: Directly use the anti-interference DSP ballast with input power of 55W.


7. The winning car has some old cars, with 35W CNC and Ballast Bluestar 50W ballasts, and after installing a few seconds, the fault code will be on during the cold start.

Reason: It is caused by excessive current alarm at startup, but this car has no computer module to change HID mode

Solution: The ballast can be solved with less than 4.5A12V, and the anti-jamming DSP35W can be installed directly.


8. Jeep and imported American Dodge and other American series vehicles are all telescopic lights.

The reason is that the U.S. vehicle has a device for detecting and controlling the current. If the current fluctuation is large or small, the above situation will occur. The computer will turn off the relevant power supply and restart.

Solution: In the triangle socket of the control line of the retractable lamp, find the plug of the far line of the zero line and add a 100-200 ohm adjustable resistor between them to balance the current fluctuations.


9, BMW 3 series of cars, install all the xenon lamps will be able to eliminate the phenomenon of failure code can not be eliminated

The reason is that there is a low-current loop detection in the BMW 3, because the lamp cannot form a loop, the above situation will occur, and the car key will start loop detection as soon as it is inserted.

Solution: Connecting a 4700 microfarad 35V capacitor before the ballast can effectively solve this problem.

The second is to add a resistor or a light bulb to form a loop before the ballast can solve this problem.


10, some new BMW 3 series cars, with 35W ballast plus capacitors, installed will appear bright side of a phenomenon will not shine, there is the situation of flash lighting,

Reason: This phenomenon is caused by insufficient power. This kind of vehicle has a computer power limit in addition to loop detection.

Solution: Use anti-interference 50W ballast and capacitor, or 35W ballast and connect a 10 ohm resistor.


11. The new Volkswagen Caddy car, when fitted with a 35W and 50W ballast, will issue a DTC, or both will turn off the lights.

Reasons: Some cars have power control functions. The power of the 35W ballast (input is generally 43W) is too low and the general 50W (input power is 63W) is too high.

Solution: The anti-jamming DSP50W ballast is directly installed.


12, Rongwei Pinhao and Pinshi and other car-mounted xenon lights, the radio's CPU interface will be turned off, will be normal after reopening

Cause: High-voltage noise caused by cold start-up of the ballast

Solution: Use an anti-jamming DSP35W ballast with a high-voltage shielded cable to install it directly.


13, Mercedes-Benz C200 has a part of the car, while installing far and near light will appear 4 lights have only flashed about no light, no matter how to change there is a problem, this car only installs low beam or high beam without any problems

Reason: Mainly the total power of the 4 lamps controlled by the car, its range is no problem between 200-240W, 4 exceeds its power, and the general 50W ballast input power exceeds 60W

Solution: All use anti-jamming DSP55W ballast can be solved.


14. Some vehicles such as the Buick Lacrosse and the Royal Chess are often burned when installing xenon lamps. The reason is that the current of the headlights reaches the headlamps through the computer board. Therefore, the current passed through the request is very low, and the cold start current of the conventional ballast is too large. Therefore, the instant of startup will exceed the limit of the computer board and burn the circuit board.

Solution: This type of vehicle is recommended to use an anti-interference ballast with a cold start of less than 4.8A. The DSP35W ballast can be installed directly.


15, BMW mini car series and some other cars, installed 50W DSP ballast, the starter motor will flash several times,

The reason: it is caused by the high voltage loop detection when the part of the motor

Solution: Add a 10000 microfarad 35V car electrolytic capacitor in front of the ballast to eliminate this situation


16. When some vehicles are equipped with Xenon lights, the lights will flicker and become unstable when starting or after starting.

Reason: This kind of situation is caused by two reasons: ballast interference and starting current is too large and vehicle power supply is insufficient.

Solution: Use low-current anti-jamming DSP35W ballast


17, before the year the public Sagitar and other vehicles, the installation of two sets of xenon lamps will appear light when the light is flickering and unstable phenomenon, the situation appears (after 35 years of 2009 can also be)

Reasons: In addition to the factors of the HID security model, there are reasons why the power of the ballast is too high, and the reasons why the ballasts are too close to each other.

Solution: Change the halogen mode in the computer to HID mode, place two ballasts at a certain distance, and do not interfere with each other. Also, use a constant power ballast with an input power of about 55W.


18, some modified cars, such as the owner of the conversion audio and after the release, in order to facilitate the conversion, modification shop like to put the zero line, so the consequences of electrical and other equipment will be through the good conductor of iron due to static interference caused interference on the car Of electrical equipment

The solution is to connect all the neutral wires to the negative pole. Do not let the neutral wire ground to prevent interference. It is recommended to use low-impedance DSP35W ballasts for such modified vehicles.


19. After the Peugeot 206 is equipped with a ballast and other stabilizers, the vehicle will issue a fault code every time it drives 120 km away. After the restart, the fault light will not be present. The same situation will occur once every 120 km.

Reason: It should be a problem of power. The smaller the input power of this car is, the shorter the distance will be. As the DSP35W ballast has higher effective power and the input power is smaller, the mileage is only 90.

Solution: Apply a 40 ohm shunt resistor to the white light to solve this problem, or install it with a one-touch telescopic lamp


20, Volkswagen car series, the installation of ordinary ballasts often appear every time the flash off a few times

Reason: This is caused by the fact that the power supply system of the public is caused by the supply of breakpoints. Once every time, there will be a break point. If the capacitance in the ballast is too small, the above phenomenon will occur.

Solution: Direct installation with anti-jamming DSP ballast can be solved


21, Suzuki car loaded H4 telescopic xenon lamp, installed to fault

Reason: Unknown

Solution: Get down and reload it once


22, Jinge Ge Ruishi this car, installed after the water temperature gauge, oil meter parameters rise, when the indicator light is not bright

Cause: Caused by interference

Solution: Adding a BMW decoder with a capacitor can be used directly or directly with anti-jamming EMI technology ballast


23. When the Volkswagen Passat B5 is equipped with xenon lights, it will turn off the radio when cold start and dimming.

Reason: It is caused by the high-voltage and high-voltage radiation interference of the ballast.

Solution: The ballast with high-voltage shielded wire can be solved or the anti-jamming with EMI technology ballast can be directly installed


24, the modern Yu Xiang and Cheung Cheung second car, modified xenon lights, there will be when driving light, the engine will automatically turn off the phenomenon

Reason: It is caused by ballast high voltage radiation interference

Solution: Use anti-interference ballast with high-voltage shielded wire to solve this problem or anti-jamming with EMI technology Ballast can be directly installed


After 25 and 09 years of the new Hyundai Regal, after the conversion of Xenon lights, there will be a period of time after the computer board is burned:

The reason is that the ballast module has a direct impact on the driving module, which influences the computer board due to the excessive starting current of the ballast and the high voltage radiation interference.

Solution: Use a high-voltage shielded cable DSP35W ballast can be or anti-jamming with EMI technology ballast can be installed directly


26, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi and other imported cars, when the 35W will be pro-few extinguished, installed ordinary 55W current instability and a fault code phenomenon

Reasons: These cars have power detection. When the input power is lower than 50W, it will come out. However, the ordinary 55W siren will not solve the static and current disturbances, it will also lead to fault codes.

Solution: Solve this problem by using a ballast with a 55W immunity to interference from both power and interference


27, Volkswagen Golf, Phaeton, Touran, lingyu and other vehicles, installation of ordinary ballast, there are a few flash off, or start the phenomenon of unstable lights, and the phenomenon of a fault code

Reasons: Due to interference, Volkswagen's electronic equipment is developed and many, and it requires no ballast. It is because of the large number of electrical appliances and power consumption. The start current requirement for the ballast cannot exceed 12V. It is not more than 4.5A is good

Solution: The 35W and 55W with anti-jamming DSP can be installed directly to solve this problem


28, Volkswagen 09 years before the Magotan car, install the blue and blue star ballast installed without a problem, install two sets of lights will flash non-stop, install other ballast, there will be fault code, or appear after a period of time Fault code phenomenon

Reason: The car requires particularly low interference, and requires a power detection system at start-up, so its start-up current to the ballast must also be particularly low, preferably less than 12V4.0A, so that the current ballast has relatively large interference, Large starting current or starting current rise after a period of time exceeds its detection requirements for various phenomena

Solution: The above problems can be perfectly solved with anti-interference DSP ballast


29, Volkswagen MAGOTAN after the car in 2009, in addition to the above phenomenon, there are 35W ballast installed after a few extinguishment phenomenon

Reason: This car has more power detection than before 2009, this phenomenon will appear in ballasts with input power below 50W.

Solution: The ballast with anti-jamming DSP55W can be installed directly

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