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HID ballast appearance resolution method:
HID ballast appearance resolution method:
Visually inspect the power cord set, control wire set, and high voltage wire set for damage or damage;
Visually check whether the trigger has been damaged or damaged and leaked.
Visually inspect the ballast body for damage or damage and leakage.
HID ballast test method:
Take a good HID lamp as a benchmark to test Ballast,
Prepare a power supply and adjust its voltage to 13.50V or 12V as the test reference voltage.
Put all the wiring first, and determine the positive and negative poles, turn on the power to test whether the light bulb will be lit,
If the power is turned on and the HID lamp does not light up, Ballast is damaged.
If you turn on the power to light the HID lamp, Ballst can light up.
However, it is necessary to check the input current of the power supply to determine whether the function of the ballast is normal: the normal input current range is between 3A and 5A. If the ballast exceeds this range, the ballast may have problems.

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