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HID installation process
HID installation process
Step 1: Allow the car engine to cool for 10 minutes to avoid being burned by water tanks, engines, and other heat-generating components during installation.
Step 2: Remove the headlight lamp and remove the headlight connector, waterproof rubber cover and old lamp.
Step 3: Take out the HID lamp set, and install the HID lamp on the headlight lamp holder to ensure that the lamp has been completely fixed to prevent the lamp base from deforming.
Step 4: Place a suitable hole behind the waterproof cover of the lamp, and pull the lamp holder lead out (using a revolving radar-sized rotating head) to make sure that the waterproof ring is in close contact with the waterproof cover.
Step 5: Assemble the lamp lead-out line and ballast lead-out wire, and install the ballast in the appropriate position of the car (as far away as possible from heat sources, lines, easy-to-feed water and oily places), and fix it firmly so as not to fall off.
Step 6: Connect the ballast input power terminal to the headlight power supply terminal.
Step 7: Check all the above steps to confirm that the positive and negative poles are correctly installed and that each interface is in place. Turn on the power and turn on the headlights.
Step 8: Turn off the power and install the headlight fixture back into the vehicle body.
Step 9: Turn on the headlights again, check the height and distance of the headlights, and use the headlight metering instrument to make appropriate adjustments to avoid glare.
Step 10: Start the engine, turn on the headlights, light up for 15 minutes without any abnormalities, and complete the conversion.

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