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Detection and Treatment Methods of HID

Detection and Treatment Methods of HID

If the power canlit the HID lamps, it indicates Ballast can lighting, but need to check itspower supply input current number to determine whether the normal function ofthe ballast.

Determinationcriteria are as follows:

* Normal inputcurrent range between 3A-5A.

* Higher than 5Ashows the efficiency of the ballast reduced, resulting in increased powerconsumption, reliability decreases.

* Less than 3Ashows Ballast reducing efficiency, reliability decreases may lead out thelights and then highlights.


If the HID xenonbulb does not light, the following is the detection and treatment methods:


Cause the lamp tolight the reasons may be: the bulb is broken, bad ballast, power supply reversepolarity, vehicle fuse bad, bad relays, power line break or poor contact.Excluded according to the following steps to check:


The first step:Exclude bulb is broken. Put on a good lamp, if the lamp is lit, the problem is,if you still not lit, indicating that the problem is not the bulb.


The second step:Exclude ballast bad. Ballast bulb with the other driver, if the lamp is notlit, the ballast proved no problem.


The third step:Exclude ballast input power polarity reverse. Plug the power plug Conversely,if the lamp can light prove the car's power supply polarity is opposite, changecame on the line. If the lamp still does not light up the description does notsupply polarity problems.


The fourth step:Exclude fuse bad. Vehicle fuse is installed can be directly used visual, if nottell visually, which can be dial down on the line fuse with a multimetermeasurements.


Step Five:Troubleshooting Installation bad line group. Install line group for the otherone to test, if still not lit, the instructions to install line group noproblem.


Step Six: If theabove issues are ruled out, it could be the original car assembly line controlof the problem, check for loose plug and open the car light control switch, usethe wildcard meter to measure the positive and negative plug the original carbulbs voltage, if the voltage drops below 10 V or no voltage is measured withthe original car lines illustrate the problem, it is recommended to the 4S shopto do further testing.

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