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Why LED?

publisher: Kirby
Time: 2013-02-11
Why LED?
What’s so great about LEDs? LEDs can be used to build energy-efficient lighting products that save energy, help protect the environment, reduce maintenance costs and make people and things look much more attractive than traditional lighting. And they can last much longer than traditional lighting.
Just how energy-efficient are LED lights? LED lighting can save up to 85 percent of the electricity used by incandescent bulbs and up to 50 percent of electricity used by fluorescents
LED Light List of Advantages:
  • Reduced energy consumption and lower operation costs: LED are more efficient than compact fluorescent lamps
  • Very low maintenance costs
  • No ultraviolet UV rays / infrared IR radiation
  • Extra long life: 60,000 hours or more
  • No mercury! (energy saving lamps and fluorescent tubes contain mercury)
  • Low carbon footprint: up to 90% less CO2 emissions through energy savings
  • Flicker free light. Instant On/OFF
  • Light can be directed with precision optics
  • Excellent color saturation
  • High luminous flux stability with changes in ambient temperature
  • Very high brightness stability over other light sources
  • Very compact design, many design and form factor options
  • Direct LED replacements available for traditional incandescent lamps
  • Full brightness immediately when switched on
  • Minimum heat output
  • Uses safe low voltage electricity
  • High mechanical resistance or impact resistance
  • No need for ballast, capacitor and starter components
  • LED light does not disturb insects, since no UV light is emitted

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