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hot sale led light bar

From: Guangzhou Liwin Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
Time: 2013-05-22

Hot sale led working light:

It produce virtually NO HEAT, preventing the distortion of lens covers.
-Great light output and uses only a small percentage of power compared to incandescent lighting.
-Durable diecast extruded black aluminium housing, with clear acrylic lens for maximum illumination.
-Rubber shock isolators and stainless steel fasteners.
-Designed to mount on rails, rocket launchers or flat surfaces.
-Circuit board completely sealed to resist water, corrosion and vibration.
-100% sealed and waterproof - IP67 rated construction. 
-Low power consumption & long term lasting.
-Easy to wire up, install and adjust.
-30 degree adjustment from mounting.
-Includes twin core wire tail (approximately 300mm long).



Suitable for many 12V and 24V DC applications, including:

Automotive / 4x4 interior & exterior lighting
Boat cabin lighting
Caravan lighting
Truck & trailer lighting
Hunting, camping & outdoor lighting
Off-road driving
Construction lighting
Mining lighting
Garden & exterior lighting
And many others...


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