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Pls be info that AC is better than the DC.

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Time: 2014-04-14
Summary: Pls be info that AC is better than the DC. Pls see the different as below for AC and DC.

Pls be info that AC is better than the DC.

Pls see the different as below for AC and DC.

Enclosed pls find the different for the AC and DC ballast as attachment photo, the raw material used which is different.


But DC price will be much cheaper.

But pls let us know which one you like us to quote?

 AC digital ballast inside for your review

DC ballast inside for your review:

AC is the abbreviation of alternating current: alternating current.

DC is the abbreviation of direct current: DC

AC is alternating current: referred to as" exchange". Generally refers to the size and direction of periodically changing with time of the voltage or current. Its most basic form is a sinusoidal current. China's AC power standards provided for 50 Hz frequency. Alternating current changes with time of the form can be varied. Different changes in the form of alternating current and its application range and effect is also different. In order to sinusoidal alternating current is most widely used, and other non sinusoidal alternating current can generally be processed by mathematics, and become a sinusoidal AC superposition. Sinusoidal current ( also called harmonic current), is the time harmonic function

I = Imsin ( T + Omega Phi 0 )

When the coil in a magnetic field to rotate at a constant speed, the coil produces the magnitude and direction of the periodic change of alternating current.

Now the use of alternating current, the general is the direction and intensity change of 52 Hz per second.

Our common lamp, motor and other electric are alternating current. In practical, alternating current symbol" ~".

Current I variation with time, which shows: sinusoidal alternating current with frequency, peak and phase three physical quantity to describe. Alternating current to discuss the basic problem is that the current in the circuit, voltage and power ( or energy ) of the assignment problem. The alternating current changes with time, thus resulting in a series of distinguished from DC circuit characteristics. In AC circuits using components not only resistance, capacitance and inductance element and element, the use of components, the phenomenon and law of complexity.

DC is a direct current: in both magnitude and direction does not change with time of the current. Also known as constant current. Through a circuit called the DC circuit, is composed of DC power supply and a resistor form a closed electric circuit. In the circuit, forming a constant electric field, the power, the positive charge by resistance from high potential to low potential, in power, by the power of electrostatic force, overcome the static electricity, and then from the low potential arrived at high potential, so the cycle, form a closed current line. So, in the DC circuit, power is provided to effect did not vary with changes in time constant electromotive force, as in the resistance consumption of Joule heat energy.

In comparison to simple DC circuits, electromotive force, resistance, current and voltage between any two relationship according to Ohm's law and the definition of the electromotive force. Complex DC network according to the G.R. Kirchhoff equation. It includes node current equation and voltage loop equation the two part, the former pointed out that, for any node ( 3 or more than 3 branch point ), the inflow and outflow of each node current algebra and is zero, this is a constant conditions, the latter pointed out that, for any closed loop ( grid ), the voltage reduced algebra and is zero, it is cycle theorem in electrostatic field results, they constitute a complete set of equations.

Measurement of DC current in a circuit, voltage, resistance, power supply and other physical quantities of the instrument called the DC instrument. Commonly used a galvanometer, voltmeter, ammeter, bridge, electric potential difference meter.

DC power supply having a chemical battery, fuel cell, temperature difference battery, solar battery, DC generators. DC is mainly applied to various electronic instruments, electrolysis, electroplating, DC electric drive etc..

In electric power transmission, eighteen eighties, not for DC low voltage high voltage long distance transmission, HVDC made in AC transmission. Since the nineteen sixties, due to the adoption of high voltage, large power converter converting DC to AC, DC transmission system and has regained attention and gain new development




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