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Troubleshooting HID xenon lamp exclusion

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Time: 2014-05-19
Summary: Troubleshooting HID xenon lamp exclusion

Troubleshooting HID xenon lamp exclusion
Phenomenon Remedy
Check whether the line is not lit properly connected switch is turned
Not concentrating adjust the mounting position or adjust the light bulb sitting
Kwan Kai flashing check the connection fittings are secure
Instrument lights flashing headlights when Kwan Kai wrapped with aluminum foil ballast and connect the ground wire line
Failure to install 35W lamp has been lit than the letter of JEPSUN no sense of victory in the ballast resistor between positive and negative
A common problem: After installing the normal bright light, but the instrument panel warning lights malfunction.
Such as: Audi A4 1.8T, 06 BMW, Sagitar beam, Magotan, Octavia, Fox, Volvo beam,
Peugeot 206 and so on.
Principle: The original car is 50W-60W, xenon lamp is 35W, high-end European and American cars have been a part of computer testing, will
Detection of "power does not match", so red. Or is the current does not loop. Start big or radiated interference.
1. Use with the owner (25W) dedicated line group can solve the problem, 25W +35 W, just 60 W, and
Like the original car, so the computer will detect normal.
2 Replace 50 W and 50 W bulb ballast, but also solve the problem.
3 with a special decoder circuit.
4. The installation of anti-jamming device.
Second, common problems: After installing the circuit due to electromagnetic interference occurs burning car computer version.
Such as: the Buick LaCrosse, Buick, Hyundai Sonata Premium, Cool, Grand Cherokee.
Principle: the original car with special electronic circuit boards, is very susceptible to interference, it will burn out the circuit board or flashing lights or automatic
1 with special ballast circuit structure to solve specific configuration.
2 or installation of advanced anti-jamming device.
Third, the common problems: flash bulbs burst occurs frequently or left out or bright light is not the same phenomenon after installation.
Such as: 06 BMW X5, 3251,5201, Mercedes-Benz S350, S500, Land Rover, BMW 3 Series and so on.
1 View headlight circuit operating current is normal.
2. Install flash explosion and lack of dedicated decoder. The case has been successfully resolved.
A. B. Hu Ji Ford Skoda Volkswagen Passat C. D. E. Magotan Sagitar
3 Check whether headlight circuit through the trip computer, if after, the need to add a special decoder can only return to normal.
(The company has a Mercedes-Benz, BMW and other special decoder)
Four, H4 high and low light due to a lamp headlight assembly adapted dozens of different shade will produce different
The concentrating effect, it may be a bit high beam or low beam astigmatism after installation, technical difficulties, please grasp this (often
See telescopic light widespread this phenomenon, swing angle lamp solve such problems phenomenon), more exchanges with the owners.
Such as:
1. Bora poor results, it is recommended for assembly or with the manufacturers to change Polaris dedicated low lights.
2 Hyundai Tucson, the base must be the shortest special low lights.
3 old GL8, Mitsubishi Lancer, Pajero, Swift, Blue Jays and other vehicles are present astigmatism, must use special H4
Swing Lamp.
Five, 07, 08 Mercedes-Benz S350, BMW 7 Series, the 5 Series is the latest light detection circuitry required by professionals
+ 50W bulb used to strengthen the anti-jamming ballast.
Sixth, after some models installed HID lights, turn on the light when you turn on the radio signal interference occurs, it is even
What problem?
Principle: Because ballast inside the car radio frequency signal with a frequency signal which is not compatible with interference.
Also directional reasons.
Solution: You can install ballast can be displaced or turned around, basically solve the problem, if Toru
Bottom solve signal problems will have to be ballast shield isolation.
Seven, some models have been used to install HID lights for some time, and now can not change the light, check the fuse by far light
Blown up, but for a fuse, a broken lights and what is the reason?
Principle: This is a short circuit.
Solution: The first detailed examination of the line if there is Popi, short-term, the wiring is wrapped tape whether to take
To the iron, and then re-test whether new ones will appear ballast short circuit. Clear the fault, replace the cord set
Problem can be solved.
Eight, why some models light beam while after opening 10 minutes, while not bright, which is what
The reason?
Principle: The current shortage is due to start caused, HID startup current need about 8.5A, (in a
To stabilize after two minutes or so to 3.5A), and the current design of general lines of the original car headlights 5.5A-6.5A, so
Starting current will produce insufficient, leading to only one set of HID lights can get enough start-up current, so generating
Ryoichi out of the situation, the situation in some high-end models will appear.
1. The installation of a relay circuit, powered directly from the battery.
2 Check the ballast in contact with the input of 12V socket is loose. This condition causes the vehicle line
Car during HID leaving insufficient power supply due to vibration.
3. HID lamps are part of the high-pressure gas discharge lamp ballast circuit which increases the pressure protection, in the face of different
Under normal circumstances, the ballast will automatically cut off the power supply, use, and protect the safety of the vehicle, after the exclusion of unusual circumstances,
Turn the power back, the ballast will work, if it fails to solve the problem, the ballast can be mailed back to Division I
Re-adjust, check the reason.
Nine, after installing a set of H4 telescopic lights, turn on the light side of the bright light but not while stretching, which is what
The reason?
Principle: The reason is that the ground (negative) poor grounding, poor contact or power cord plug input the anti-
Solution: Plug the plug over anti solve the problem.
X. After installation of modern cool HID, there will be twinkling opened after starting the engine, but the engine does not start
Kinetic work, which is why?
Principle: After installing xenon headlights, in the case of a car engine does not launch, the bright xenon headlights can be normal or
Is getting light, but I start the car engine, will produce xenon headlights flash on or off the case, and the vehicle's dashboard
Fault light will light up, because that is the headlight control lines through the trip computer testing, and xenon headlights works
And work with different power halogen lamp, making the trip computer can not detect xenon headlights feedback signal,
Solution: We designed a set of specially developed computer test line group, can be used in conjunction. (Note: Audi
A4, V Ji Hu, BMW X5 car had the same problem)
XI, Passat car after installing HID lamps produce light when varying CD audio pause phenomenon, which is what the original
Principle: The reason is that the pulse frequency HID xenon headlights generated when you start the car with the original host of the same frequency, making
Host acceptance into the original car the wrong signal, so that the audio pauses.
Solution: Currently, our company has developed for the Passat original car circuit dedicated ballast, with the installation of the product to make
Used to.
XII Buick Excelle car port is too small to be due to light bulbs into them, what are the solutions approach?
Principle: Buick Excelle car it with the original design of the car assembly mouth a little light bulb not into it.
Solution: As long as the dwarf dwarfish and other ports can play a little (Note: dwarfish time to pull it out, so the remaining
Light powder fell into the cup does not cause trouble)
After thirteen, Mazda M6 installed HID lights, which are bright, but the distance light dimmer is not, what causes this?
Principle: This phenomenon is part of a circuit failure.
Solution: check the original car headlight circuit is normal, the ballast input power is normal, on-line groups, or
Original car near light the fuse is blown, clear the fault, there may be light at the time of installation of the plug distance
Wrong, change over can be solved.
XIV, asked how to adjust the level of light?
A: First, align the front side of the wall, a distance of about 10 meters, being careful to not have any deflection on the car
The body must maintain the level of order as accurately as possible, you can draw with chalk marks, note the vehicle should be in a normal load
Standards that no extra load, the final commissioning:
i. the lights turn on, the circle of light projected on the wall is the correct basis for the center of the two lights to the front of the car
Distance should be equidistant from its wall projection axis, otherwise to be adjusted according to the third step, the right to the ground from the center of the lamp
Should be equidistant from its projection on the wall, the distance light will have left high and its projection 10CM. .
ii. adjusted to a straight forward left headlight to be absolutely direct, whereas the right headlight may be slightly to the right, because
Thus the right you can see very clearly. Foggy weather promising and effective.
iii. covering a headlight easy to adjust, with a thick cloth cover one headlight, so you can a big
Light emitted beam on the wall changes to effective regulation, debugging using two screwdrivers, a high beam adjustment
Degrees, the other for adjusting the width of the beam.
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Five types of xenon lamp
Xenon bulbs of the model according to generally be divided into three series, namely 900 series, H series and D series .. 90

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