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Question 2 . Why do we need "HID" ?

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Time: 2014-05-22
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Question 2 . Why do we need "HID" ?
Have you ever read " blind driving" stunt ? Will not gotten me very nervous for the performers ? And when you're black
Driving at night without lights in the road, but the road curved and narrow , it will not have the feeling of stunts ? At this time , if
Your headlights will be brighter , according farther , then certainly increase traffic safety lot, "HID" is based on the night
Between road safety and developed a new generation of headlamps.
Distinguished by:
( 1 ) visual light ball across the electrodes are worn out serious phenomenon .
( 2 ) whether the visual ceramic tube rupture , breakage .
( 3 ) whether the mesh wire breakage sight .
( 4 ) Are there visual lamp breakage , breakage .
( 5 ) whether the visual lamp column fracture breakage .
( 6 ) Are there loose tube is not strong visual phenomenon .
( 7 ) Are there visual Base fall off phenomenon.
( 8 ) Are there visual lamp power cord fall off phenomenon.
( 9 ) whether the ball lights visually for cracks or broken phenomenon .
Testing method:
( A ) take a good Ballast (stabilizer ) , HID lamp as a reference test .
( 2 ) Prepare a power supply voltage to be adjusted to 13.20V as a test reference voltage.
( 3 ) are first of all the wiring properly connected , turn the power on to test whether the bulb lighting .
( 4 ) If the power is not turned on lights HID lamps, HID said to be damaged.

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