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liwin unique selling D2/D4 Product Process Technology Department

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Time: 2014-05-26
Summary: liwin unique selling D2/D4 Product Process Technology Department Guangzhou Liwin Electronic Technology Co., Ltd

liwin unique selling D2/D4 Product Process Technology Department
Patented design
liwin Products : gold copper ring designed to achieve better insulation effect , and the hair bulb and lamp fixed more firmly , vertical higher , cleaner
PK: Other brands usually fixed with silicone , a long time easy to aging, resulting in hair bulbs loose, not enough to affect the vertical light source , and the silicone is not cleaned , leaving hair easy to burn at a high temperature Paoshang
Rigorous process
liwin product : Before assembling the finished product , the use of computer-controlled automatic grading system ( long light - flash - long light ) for hair bubble screening, greatly improving the color temperature of the light distribution accuracy, and reduces the defect rate
PK: Other brand product after assembly is basically adding light and rarely stick ( long light - flash - long bright ) process , relatively speaking, the presence of a large proportion of black foam
Selection of high standard
Base selection
liwin product : material selection of high environmental PPS materials, high temperature , anti-high , effectively preventing the loading of security issues
PK: Some of the other brands are inferior PPS material used in the loading and discharge of the high-pressure environment , it is likely to cause the cap to melt , affecting traffic safety
Packaging Safety
liwin Product : 3-tier security packaging, EPE - small carton ( box 1 pair ) - Large carton ( box of 10 pairs ) , greatly improving the quality and safety of products, transportation
PK: Some manufacturers in order to save costs , packaging simple , no bright spots , has been taking the conventional market package
Detail is outstanding
liwin Product : bottom cathode lamp holder using soldering, increases the contact surface is conducive to install a stable , negative use of argon welding , nickel wire and copper ring can achieve better melt together , not easy desoldering
PK: Other brand products, some negative direct use spot welder welding, when the rotation of the installation , sealing off phenomenon is likely to cause

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