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Did you know? HID xenon lamp with a traditional car bulbs (halogen) difference!

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Time: 2014-06-20
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Did you know? HID xenon lamp with a traditional car bulbs (halogen) difference!

Principle l, xenon headlights xenon HID headlights stands for a gas discharge lamp emitting principle is the use of positive and negative electrical stimulation xenon (XENON) rare metal chemical reaction with the light, so you'll find in the HID bulb lamp also There are a tiny glass ball, which is filled with xenon gas and a little rare, as long as they are current to stimulate a chemical reaction between the two will be issued up to 5000K color temperature of light, which is not only difficult for traditional halogen lamps achieve luminosity, 5000K is actually closest to the color temperature of sunlight at noon, most people feel comfortable eye luminosity. In addition, because the xenon molecule activity will be extended with the use of time and more lively, and therefore will be more gas discharge lamps but with more light. But tungsten lights with 12 volts have to make it light; If used in the stimulation of xenon light, is absolutely not enough, so the real HID gas discharge lamp, there must be a voltage ballast, 12V voltage boost to 23000V , with instant stimulus soon after power xenon reached highlighting, stable and sustainable supply of xenon light bulbs. Here we explain the specific HID xenon headlights in the end what is attractive features: 2, three times the light output is usually calculated brightness of the unit called "Lumen (Lumen)", xenon headlights brightness can output up to 3500Lumen , and the general halogen bulbs most they can produce 1000Lumen brightness up and down; HID three times higher than traditional halogen brightness efficiency, for enhancing the clarity of vision at night and fog driving has a significant effect. 3, comfortable and high color temperature mentioned earlier, xenon headlamps can produce light color temperature of about 5000K, while most people have a misconception that the higher the value of K must be relatively light; In fact, the so-called color temperature just explain what the color temperature of the light generated by the lower the temperature, the color temperature of light reddish, bluish and vice versa, and about 5000K light color is just the beginning of the turn slightly blue and white color temperature, but also the color closest to the midday sun, acceptance of the human eye and the highest comfort. Such lights on at night with the lighting of the vehicle, the driver can reduce visual fatigue, driving safety also indirectly helpful. 4, multiple product life we ​​might have come across the car suddenly not bright halogen light, the result is the case of tungsten blown. Indeed, since the light-emitting principle is to use tungsten halogen heat-induced, and tungsten in the long-term fever, there is no guarantee not blown damage; while xenon lamp current to stimulate the gas light, basically does not produce high temperature, So long as one has not run out of xenon, it could have been normal light, easy to damage! According to one study, even then a high-quality halogen bulbs, the most they can be used continuously for 400 hours; and the use of luminous gas xenon bulbs have at least 3,000 hours of life, it represents your car in normal conditions Next, a set of HID gas discharge lamp will you use! 5, about 1/2 the power consumption original vehicles 60W halogen headlights mostly takes down power, and some brands of HID gas discharge headlamps groups operate in a stable ballast, an average of only 35W of power to supply of xenon light bulbs; As to save electricity, does not mean that indirectly save the oil money? Contrast imported "GAMMA Gamma" HID xenon lamp system and the general ordinary halogen headlamps (halogen) GAMMAHID headlamps (Xenon) Power consumption: 50-100 watts 35 watts Brightness: 1330 lumens 3500 lumens Life: 350 hours 2000-3000 hours of illumination light: yellow blue white white white color temperature: 2400 5000k --- 10000k combustion: combustion gas tungsten arc light emitting high voltage breakdown

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