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H4 swing angle lamp is the latest dual-optical design

From: H4 swing angle lamp is the latest dual-optical design
publisher: H4 swing angle lamp is the latest dual-optical design
Time: 2014-07-15
Summary: H4 swing angle lamp is the latest dual-optical design Guangzhou Liwin Electronic Technology Co., Ltd

H4 swing angle lamp is the latest dual-optical design, to replace that section before H4 telescopic lights. Light-shaped appearance of imitation fighter F-16, but the light and life, but before that section telescopic light on top. The lights are currently in the market or not, because just launch it; and this is the distance light lamp light since the history of one of the most condenser Lamps. Due to its shape and structure disposed on the lamp until all of the telescopic shape is different, so it is not the same light emitting. Its effects can be achieved installed condenser lens effect, we can say even better than the installed lens. Why? Because the conversion lens takes a lot of manpower and financial resources, but this H4 swing angle mounted lights as usual as simple as changing a light bulb, but it's light and shadow effects, the distance light poly less effect than can be said also installed the lens to condenser. Because the previous retractable lights, lot open a hole below the lamp, because the role of which is to achieve a better return beam of light, but in fact leads to the beam aperture is the most important cause astigmatism. Therefore, we designed this light is not present under the lamp has openings, but more than 80% of the light is uniformly reflected onto the whole lamp cup, so that all the light converging distance. And before the effective light source lamp market telescopic reach 60%, with a majority of just concentrating due to poor wasted, and seriously affect the oncoming car. The light changed and now we are past this one downside, now converging, and the design is simple, and the price also reduces the cost of distributors is a benefit for consumers is an advantage, if now say you got this much better results than other lights H4 distance, just to let them see the effect, there is no reason not to install. The lamp life can be tested by the test 1,000,000 times dimmer; before this data is also not the data of the previous ones is 500 thousand times to maximize the life of the lamp can be said that this can be up to 10 years. Here the focus to mention that, because the swing angle of light is the use of electromagnetic theory, rather than pulse principle, therefore, becomes a light 100 million times without failure; past our biggest reaction with retractable lights that light can not be changed, the reason it was here, so this lamp H4 swing angle can be a historic breakthrough H4 telescopic lights

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