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HID xenon lamp detailed analysis

From: HID xenon lamp detailed analysis
publisher: HID xenon lamp detailed analysis
Time: 2014-08-11
Summary: HID xenon lamp detailed analysis

HID xenon lamp detailed analysis
Xenon HID is High intensity Discharge HID abbreviation, can be called heavy metal lamps or Xenon lamps. Its principle is in the UV-cut crystal UV quartz glass tube, filled with a variety of chemical gases, most of which is such as Xenon (Xenon) with iodide and an inert gas, and then through the supercharger (Ballast) the car 12 volt DC voltage instantaneously pressurized to 23,000 volts of electricity through the high amplitude excitation of xenon quartz tube electronics free, light generated between the two electrodes, which is called the gas discharge. The super white light from a xenon arc generated, can improve the light color temperature value, similar to the day the sun light, HID work required amount of current is only 3.5A, the brightness is three times the traditional halogen bulbs, service life than conventional halogen bulb 10 times longer.
Composed of HID xenon lamp
Generally HID xenon lamp by lamp, electronic ballast (also called ballast, regulators, etc.), wire and other components:
1 Base: you observe carefully, HID xenon lamp is no filament, tungsten blown problem does not exist;
2 electronic ballast: the use of a DC voltage of 12V battery, after a series of conversion, control, protection, boost, post-conversion and other actions, to generate a high voltage for ignition 23000V instantly lamp ignition, lights and then maintain 85V AC voltage;
3 line groups: general use made ​​of flame-retardant material, by increasing the cross-sectional area of the power cord to improve the current through the ability to ensure the normal operation of HID xenon lamp.
● Xenon lamp color temperature of 3000K to clump 12000K, 6000K color temperature which is similar to sunlight, but with more green and blue component, thus rendering blue shade. This greatly improves the brightness of the blue colored light road signs and directional signs.
● HID halogen three times higher brightness efficiency, to enhance the clarity of vision at night and fog driving had a significant effect.
● xenon lamp emission flux is more than two times halogen, while electrical energy into light energy efficiency is also improved by more than 70% than the halogen lamps, xenon lamps so there is a relatively high energy density and light intensity, while the operating current of only halogen half of the lamp. Increase the brightness of car headlights also effectively expand the scope of the car in front of the visual, creating a safer driving conditions.
● saving half, halogen lamps consume electricity, just 35W xenon lamp power 60W or more.
● Because xenon lamp has no filament, filament and therefore would not have broken scrapped due to the problem of a much longer life than halogen lamps, xenon lamps representing the entire life cycle of the average running time of the car inside.
● Xenon event of failure will not instantly extinguished, but by way of off progressively darker, so that motorists can win in the night time driving, emergency pull over.
● xenon headlights will not produce unwanted glare, will not interfere with oncoming vehicle drivers.
Xenon HID headlamps also called gas-discharge headlights, it is wrapped in a quartz tube instead of the traditional high-pressure xenon gas tungsten wire, providing higher color temperature, lighting and more gather. Because xenon lamp is the use of high-voltage current to activate the formation of a bunch of xenon arc light can be sustained discharge light between two electrodes. Ordinary car lamp power reaches 65W, while the xenon lamp is only 35W, reducing nearly doubled. Xenon lamps can significantly reduce the burden on the vehicle electrical system. Xenon car lights color temperature between 4000K-6000K, much higher than ordinary car headlight bulbs. It is high brightness, 4300K ​​Xenon lamp light color is white yellowish, due to lower color temperature, visual effects yellowish, penetration of light in high color temperature lamps, night and fog can improve driving safety.
     Troubleshooting HID xenon lamp excluded
Phenomenon Remedy
Check whether the line is not lit properly connected switch is open
Not concentrating adjust the mounting position or adjust the light bulb sitting
Guan Kai flashing check the wiring connectors are securely
Instrument lights flashing headlights when Kwan Kai ballast line wrapped with aluminum foil and even ground
Failure to install 35W lamp has been lit than the letter of JEPSUN Czech non-inductive resistor (that is, the decoder) in the ballast between positive and negative
A common problem: after installing the normal bright light, but the instrument panel warning lights malfunction.
Such as: Audi A4 1.8T, 06 BMW, Sagitar beam, Magotan, Octavia, Fox, Volvo beam, Peugeot 206 and so on.
Principle: the original car is 50W-60W, xenon lamp is 35W, part of the high-end European and American cars are detected through the computer will detect the "power does not match", so red light, or no loop current, or start radiation interference big.
1 with a special cord set with the owner (25W) can solve the problem, 25W + 35W, just 60W, with the original car, so the computer test will be normal.
2 replace 50W and 50W bulb ballast, but also solve the problem.
3 with a special decoder circuit.
4 to install anti-jamming device.
Second, common problems: After installing car circuit due to electromagnetic interference occurs burn computer version.
Such as: the Buick LaCrosse, Buick, Hyundai Sonata Premium, Cool, Grand Cherokee.
Principle: The original car with special electronic circuit board, is very susceptible to interference, it will burn out the circuit board or flashing lights or automatic off.
1 solve specific configuration with a dedicated ballast circuit structure.
2 or installation of advanced anti-jamming device.
Third, Frequently Asked Questions: Strobe light bulb or often appear off or about the same time the lamp is not lit and so after installation.
Such as: 06 BMW X5, 3251,5201, Mercedes-Benz S350, S500, Land Rover, BMW 3 Series and so on.
1 See headlight circuit operating current is normal.
2 install flash explosion and lack of dedicated decoder (has been successfully solved cases).
A. B. Ford Hebei Tiger Skoda Volkswagen Passat C. D. E. Magotan Sagitar
3 Check whether the headlight circuit through trip computer, if after, need to add a special decoder can only return to normal.
(The company has various models special decoder)
Four, H4 low light due to a lamp headlight assembly adapted dozens of different shade will produce different condensing effect, so the installation may be near light or high beam a little astigmatism, these technical difficulties Please take good (common telescopic light widespread this phenomenon, swing angle lamp solve such problems phenomenon), more exchanges with the owners.
Such as:
1 Bora poor results, it is recommended for assembly or with the manufacturers change Bora dedicated low lights.
2 Hyundai Tucson, have to use the shortest base dedicated low lights.
3 old GL8, Mitsubishi Lingshuai, Pajero, Swifts, Blue Jays and other vehicles are present astigmatism, must use special H4 swing angle lamp.
Five, 07 models, 08 models of Mercedes-Benz S350, BMW 7 Series, the 5 Series is the latest light detection circuitry required to use a dedicated ballast 50W bulb + strengthen interference.
After six, some models installed HID lights, turn on the light when you turn on the radio signal interference occurs, what is the problem?
Principle: Because ballast inside the car radio frequency signal with the frequency of the signal is not compatible and interference, but also directional reasons.
Solution: You can install ballast can be displaced or turned around, basically solve the problem, if you have to solve the signal problem isolation to shield the ballast.
Seven, some models have been used to install HID lights for some time, now becomes not light, check the fuse was blown away the light, but for a fuse, a turn on the lights and broken what is the reason?
Principle: This is a short circuit.
Solution: The first detailed examination of the line if there is Popi, short-term, the wiring is wrapped tape whether to take iron, and then re-renewal of ballast test whether there will be a short circuit. Clear the fault, replace the line group can solve the problem.
Eight, why some models of the high beam bright side after the opening 10 minutes, while not bright, What is the reason?
Principle: It is due to start-up current shortage caused, HID startup current need about 8.5A, (in one to two minutes after the stable to about 3.5A), and the current design of general lines of the original car headlight 5.5A-6.5A Therefore, the starting current will produce insufficient, leading to only one set of HID lamps can get enough start-up current, so turn on and off to produce the situation, the situation in some high-end models will appear.
1 installation of a relay circuit, powered directly from the battery.
Contact 12V input terminal 2 Check ballast with socket is loose. This situation will lead to a vehicle in driving the process, leaving the HID supply shortage due to vibration.
3. HID lamps are part of the high-pressure gas discharge lamp, ballast which adds high-voltage protection circuit, in the event of unusual circumstances, the ballast will automatically cut off the power supply to protect the use and safety of the vehicle, after excluding unusual circumstances, turn the power back , ballast will work, if it fails to solve the problem, the ballast can be mailed back to our re-adjust, check the reason.
Nine, after installing a set of H4 telescopic lights, turn on the light side of the light does not shine but will stretch one side, what is the reason?
Principle: The reason is that the ground (negative) poor grounding, poor contact or power cord input plug backwards.
Solution: Check the ground (negative) Ground problem, or anti-insert the plug come to solve the problem.
X. After installation of modern Cool HID, will be opened after the engine starts flashing, but the engine does not start to work properly, what is the reason?
Principle: After installing xenon headlights, in the case of a car engine does not start, xenon headlights brighter or dimmer can be normal, but a start the car engine, will produce xenon headlights flashing lights on or off the case, and fault light vehicle instrument panel will light up, because that is the headlight control lines through the trip computer detection, and different working principle xenon headlights with halogen lamps and operating power, making the trip computer can not detect xenon headlights feedback signal .
Solution: use a dedicated decoder can be. (Note: the Audi A4, Ford Hebei Tiger, BMW X5 vehicles have the same problem)
XI, Passat car after installing HID lamps produce light when you change CD audio pause phenomenon, what is the reason?
Principle: The reason is that the pulse frequency HID xenon headlights generated when you start the car with the original host of the same frequency, causing the host to accept the original car the wrong signal, so that the sound pause.
Solution: Use special decoder can be.
Twelve, Buick Excelle car because light bulbs into the mouth is too small to go, what The solution?
Principle: Buick Excelle car it with the original design of the car assembly mouth a little light bulbs can not be into it.
Solution: As long as the lights mouth dwarf dwarfish can play a little. (Note: dwarfish time to pull it out, so as not to fall into the lamp cup remaining powder to cause unnecessary trouble)
After thirteen, Mazda M6 installed HID lamps, the distance light are bright light can not change it but is this what reason?
Principle: This phenomenon belongs to circuit failure.
Solution: check the original car headlight circuit is normal, the ballast input power is normal, on-line groups, or the original car near light the fuse is blown, clear the fault, there may be light at the time of installation of the plug distance wrong, change over can be solved.
Fourth, ask how to adjust the light level?
A: First, align the front side of the wall, a distance of about 10 meters, pay attention to right now do not have any deviation, the body must maintain the level of order as accurately as possible, you can draw with chalk marks, should pay attention to the vehicle in the normal load standard under that no extra load, the final commissioning:
i. the lights turn on, the circle of light projected on the wall is the correct basis for the center of the two lights to the front axle of the vehicle and its distance should be equidistant projection wall, otherwise be adjusted according to the third step , right to the ground from the center of the lamp should be equidistant from its projection on the wall, the distance light will have left high and its projection 10CM. .
ii. adjusted to a straight line, the left front headlight to be absolutely direct, whereas the right headlight may be slightly to the right, because the right you can see very clearly. Foggy weather promising and effective.
iii. cover easy to adjust a headlight, headlight cover one with a thick cloth, so you can change a headlight beam incident on the wall for effective regulation, debugging using two screwdrivers, a regulator height of the beam, the other for adjusting the width of the beam.
[Edit this paragraph] the type of xenon lamp
Xenon lamp bulb divided by the model, and can be divided into three series, namely 900 series, H series, D series and 8 series, 900 series have 9004 \ 9005 \ 9006 \ 9007, H series have H1 \ H3 \ H4 \ H7 \ H8 \ H9 \ H10 \ H11 \ H13, D series are D1 \ D2 \ D4,8 series 880 \ 881. Ordinary headlight bulbs models of these models and cars are corresponding; there is a car headlight retrofit is called with a lens \ with angel eyes, which is a modified xenon lights, headlight lens is the condenser of relatively good, but a modified headlamps seal is not good, the angel eyes is to play a decorative effect, is not practical. In Europe, the use of xenon bulbs must use both quality standards and comply with the provisions of the lens and headlight cleaning system, doing so is to prevent the formation of improper use xenon headlights for safety hazards caused by traffic. And no relevant domestic laws and regulations, but still recommended when converted xenon headlamps with at least the appropriate lens, and the corresponding debugging.
HID classification
HID and halogen bulbs model is one to one, that is what the original halogen bulb type, then converted HID time, also need to use the same model. HID lamp according to the current model is divided into:
H series: H1, H3, H3C, H4, H6 (single claw PH7, jaw PH8), H7, H8, H9, H10, H11, H13, etc.;
90 Series: 9004 (HB1), 9005 (HB3), 9006 (HB4), 9007 (HB5), etc;
D Series: D1S, D1C, D1R, D2R, D1C, D2C, D3C, D4C, etc;
8 Series: 880, 881
In the automotive HID application is more H1, H4, H7,9005,9006 other models.
H4, H13,9004,9007 these four models, the original halogen bulbs which has two tungsten wire, one is far from light, one is near the lamp, and as xenon lamp in a lamp where nearly impossible light beam, so there were four series, such as: H (also known as single lamp, but also instant high beam or low beam only), at a temperature high fever, easy to blow, the average life expectancy is only 250 hours; HID lamps is the use of gas discharge light, no tungsten exist, difficult to damage. H4-1 (H4 / L), H13-1 (H13 / L), 9004-1 (9004 / L), 9007-1 (9007 / L); H4-2 (H4 / H), H13-2 (H13 / H), 9004-2 (9004 / H), 9007-2 (9007 / H); H4-3 (H4 H / L), H13-3 (H13 H / L), 9004-3 (9004 H / L ), 9007-3 (9007 H / L) Model distance light xenon lights are one of the xenon lamp; where L is the low light of the representative (Low), H is the high light of the representative (High), H / L is low lights representatives (High / Low).
     Xenon conversion process
     1, ripped out the original car bulbs replaced xenon lamp, ballast firmly in car engines distant places, xenon lamp on the supplied cable back to the original car headlight wiring connector, and then connect the ballast on the line with connector.
     2, vehicle line group For installation with relays, the upper line group is connected to the positive and negative car battery (positive is usually red thread, the negative usually black thread) can be negative grounding, then the line group to be on Continued ballast ballast plug into the socket, and then wire the rest of the group on a cord or belt with two small triangle with a jack plug or cable to the line closer to the original car headlight plugs, well you can pack with electrical tape.
     The first step of the installation is relatively simple, the second step of the installation is more complex.
HID xenon lamp conversion Notes:
1, Do not ballast mounted beside the heating element, can generally be installed above the bumper to help dissipate heat.
2 Do not ballast mounted next to some wires, do not install in a place away from the water source close; such as near the tank. (Excessive moisture can cause the ballast leakage and aging)
3, placed in a better position permeability to allow air flow to reduce ballast temperature. After installation, the general line groups on the relay, fuse exposed, easy to replace.
4, the high-voltage part of the ballast winding is not easy to avoid too large a magnetic field, and the impact of other auto electrical equipment. Ballast wiring down at the installation.
5, after the bulb is installed to ensure the seal.
6, installation, dedicated line group traces general as beautiful, not connected with the heating element, so as to avoid high temperature caused by electrical short circuit. Use cable ties tied, not in contact with the mechanical moving parts, resulting in unnecessary contact.
7, each interface, fuses, use electrical tape strapping good, avoid loose lead to poor contact.
8, when the lamp is installed, one side will not light, or will flash, adjust the position of the general negative first dedicated line group.
9, installation H4 H / L, H13 H / L, 9004 H / L, 9007 H / L models lights, if light does not shine, not bright, and will continue to flash, check the wiring of the positive and negative there is no match, generally two types + + - and - +, matching good will return to normal.
10, sometimes encounter is positive frame of the car, Jedi plastic bag on to the ballast, the ballast will work.
11, after installation, if not installed a dedicated line, in order to avoid excessive current when starting the original car fuse blows, replace the original car control fuse 20 Abe more.
Problem 1 "HID" and traditional headlights What is the difference?
Halogen headlights using the traditional use of "burn-in luminous" way to generate lighting, while "HID" is to use the "jump-in-emitting" to lighting. The former is like barbecue, Fo Tan emitted light; while the latter is similar to the light on the plant site welding issued, which of these two relatively bright light it? You may wish to compare the actual observation. According to the experimental data, "HID" is three times the brightness of conventional headlights, irradiation distance was twice that of conventional headlamps.
Problem 2 Why do we need "HID"?
Have you ever read "blind driving" stunt? Will gotten me very nervous for the performers? And when you are driving at night without lights in the road, but the road has narrow and curved, will have the feeling of stunts? At this point, if your headlights will be brighter, according farther, then certainly increase traffic safety lot, "HID" is based on traffic safety at night and developed a new generation of headlights.
Resolution mode:
(A) visual light ball across the electrodes are worn out serious phenomenon.
(2) whether the visual ceramic tube rupture, breakage.
(3) whether there is wire mesh sight breakage.
(4) Are there visual lamp broken, damaged.
(5) whether the visual lamp column fracture breakage.
(6) Are there loose tube is not strong visual phenomenon.
(7) Are there visual Base fall off phenomenon.
(8) Are there visual lamp power cord fall off phenomenon.
(9) whether the ball lights visually for cracks or broken phenomenon.
Test methods:
(1) Take a good Ballast (ballast), HID lamp as a reference test.
(2) Prepare a power supply, the voltage is adjusted to 13.20V as a test reference voltage.
(3) All wires are first connected properly, turn the power on to test whether the bulb lighting.
(4) If you can not turn on the power HID lamps lit, it indicates HID to damage.
7. How to tell and test Ballast (Ballast) is good or bad
Resolution mode:
If (a) the visual power line group has been destroyed or damaged situation.
(2) whether the visual line of control group destroyed or damaged situation.
(3) whether the visual power lines have been destroyed or damaged set of circumstances.
(4) whether the high-pressure cartridge visual line group has been destroyed or damaged and leak plastic case.
(5) Are there visual ballast body is destroyed or damaged and leak plastic case.
Test methods:
(1) Take a good HID lamps, as a test Ballast (Ballast) benchmark.
(2) Prepare a power supply, the voltage is adjusted to 13.20V as a test reference voltage.
(3) All wires are first connected properly, turn the power on to test whether the bulb lighting.
(4) If you can not turn on the power HID lamps lit, it indicates Ballast corrupted.
(5) If you turn the power on HID lamps can be lit, it indicates Ballast can lighting, but need to check its power supply input current is much to determine whether the normal function of the ballast.
The evaluation criteria are:
* Normal input current range between 3A-5A.
* Greater than 5A shows the efficiency of the ballast reduced power consumption leads to increased reliability decreases.
* Less than 3A shows the ballast efficiency decreases, reducing reliability, may lead to re-light the lamp off the case., 


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